Sunday, October 2, 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown – What are you CREATING in this moment?

The Voice of The Thoughts painting by Dorina Costras


When you listen to your soul, you listen to desires….. Where you are human still, there will be distortions here… Where you are PURE, your desires will feed your soul’s essence and activate dreams to materialize in your physical realm.

Your human mind will limit you. Your expanded heart will activate your expanded consciousness, which gives you the ability to see, hear and understand again.

Your physical is your projection… physical matter taking form as a result of your beliefs. If you desire to change the physical, you must transform your own mentalities into ones that free you, activate magic and expect the most amazing everything to occur. You also must realize that not everything you SEE is your reality… It is a reality for someone. You get to decide if it’s yours or not. Just because you see it, feel it, hear it… doesn’t make it real. What makes it real is your belief, your entertaining it, your participation, your focusing your own energy on it….

Learning to separate realities out is a MASTERY TOOL. Tuning into the ENERGY that creates is too. Shifting your vibration to a much higher frequency gives you, as a MASTER BEING, the ability to completely shift realities….

Taking your power back is necessary, paying attention to what you claim and convince yourself of is too……

Stretch your mind to see that every reality is real… they just don’t all have to be real for you. The cool part is once you REAL-EYES this, you can choose the one you desire and feed all of your energy into that one, instead of the ones that are no longer true for you.

Stories create, energy creates, thought creates, actions create, vibrations create………..

What are you CREATING in this moment? In every moment? For 1 moment of consciousness and 59 moments of unconsciousness… you do the math…. Your one moment must be much more powerful vibrationally than the other 59 to cancel out/override and completely re-create those vibrations from other ones. And in some instances those other 59 must be worked through to dissolve the reality created, unless you are “fast enough” to catch them before they materialize in physical form.

60 moments of full consciousness and intentional action are powerful! Sometimes our actions are just activating a hologram intentionally from inside, doing what supports/activates/anchors that and holding the vibration long enough for it to materialize here!

Imagine if your every breath, every thought, every action, every everything in every moment were fully conscious! Yep, this is how we do our awesome NEW Earth realities here!

Keep shining loves and creating awesomeness too! ♫

LisaTranscendence Brown ☼

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