Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mysteries of the Ancients - Recounting the Development of our Knowledge of the Planet Venus

The Cosmic Disclosure series on has brought numerous disclosures to us over the past several months. This series has featured some of the most telling and revealing intelligence from special access and secret space programs since it first aired. These disclosures have been astounding—sometimes even shocking to hear, and perplexing to consider.
Among the many subjects which have been discussed over the course of this series, there have been numerous revelations on the planet Venus. Early on in the series, I found it unfortunate to hear that there was not much information available on Venus for us to learn. At the time, I was eager to learn about this close planetary neighbor of ours, as the planet is thought by some to have once been inhabitable. Though we were initially unable to hear much about the activity on Venus, this trend has changed significantly over the last few weeks and months.
The recent disclosures from Corey Goode on the planet Venus revealed much more than the intel discussed in previous episodes. It seems that the experiences of Goode and others, though unpleasant and painful at times, have lead to an opportunity to learn about Venus, to see its surface, and to even see the inner world of this once-inhabited planet. This article is an exploration of the intelligence we have been able to gain about Venus over time. From this information, I intend to learn the true nature of our current planetary situation and to hopefully help us make productive choices as to how we progress from this point forward.