Thursday, October 13, 2016

"Navel-Gazing" RV Op-Ed Thursday October 13, 2016

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RV Op-Ed
October 13, 2016


Omphaloskepsis or navel-gazing is contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation. The word comes from Greek omphalos (navel) + skepsis (act of looking, examination).


Ever notice a baby checking out their own belly button?  They gaze at their naval as if it's some philosophical conundrum seeking existential harmony to arrive at some esoteric meaning before the world is swallowed up into a galactic black hole of nothingness.

When in truth, it's just a belly button on a cute baby.  And at that age, they are all cute and all have belly buttons.  So no big deal, right?  Not so fast.

I propose that the RV is just you gazing at your naval, some for months, years or a decade now--choosing to pin all your hopes, dreams, fantasies, projects ... and some raw survival ... on it being real, abundant and yes happening tonight.

Others not so much.  And if you even mention RV to these people they will either "Slap Chop" you in the thorax or "Mentally Implode" your dreams with a scarcity death stare.

Somewhere in the middle perhaps exists the best balance point worthy of all gazes and stares, but obsessing and/or ignoring the RV is quite frankly unhealthy.  Why?  It's both real and and surreal simultaneously.  Visible and invisible.  Epic and irrelevant.  Macro yet microscopic.  It's utterly here and light years away all at once.

I'm having an existential crisis just posting this.  So let me breathe a second... It's just a belly button, it's just a belly button.  OK.  I'm back.  That was a close one.  See what I mean?   It's easy to get lost in this RV vortex!

Most of us get so psychologically absorbed in the future of what might be we completely lose all momentary sensibility and literally forget where we are alive--in the here--in the now--and must perform basic human functions daily or lose everything.  I call these peoples "outies" because they tend to leave or go outside their bodies with consistency. 

This habit is really bad for some of you I know.  Obsession x 1000.  And then comes the constant drum beat of increased sovereign rates, and a massive four digit ZIM conversion with no zeros looped off, and then kaboom!  Suddenly, you've forgotten to breathe for like a week.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the "innies."  These are people who are fast asleep in the Matrix and were gifted say one 50T ZIM note.  When the 800#s do finally come out, they are paying enough attention to call, set an appointment to check it out, only to discover their one silly ZIM note is worth over a quadrillion USD!  And their structured payout yields the equivalent of a winning 500M Powerball ticket... every quarter! 

Talk about loosing all sphincter control for the exact opposite reason.  Classic!

And yet, that's what these African sovereign bond/currency pieces of colorful tree bark are worth in this time, place and era.  And you got a few.  Sobeit.

So wherever your belief level lies in relationship to the RV as being real or here now, and no matter your depth of your redemption humanitarian project preparation, expect to be utterly shocked at some point during your appointment this week. 

And remember to laugh as you recall this cute little girl above gazing at her beautiful naval. 
As this historic event is just part of our life adventure, same as when we all learned about the incredible significance of our naval feeding us life in our mother's womb and utter irrelevance of a belly button postpartum.

It's ok to gaze in complete wonderment after your redemption, but you must focus long enough to whip back into the moment long enough to competently handle your business.

God is with us.