Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"NDA:)" Op-Ed Tuesday October 4, 2016

October 4, 2016


Time reveals all truth. 


Here's the technical legal term for NDA for those who are still focused on the upcoming currency exchange transaction:


But for those of us not uber focused on the money transition, we appreciate the irony of being asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement when the whole point of this historic event is to publicly disclose the cabal's fiat money central bank lie via a change in money's core value (gold) and corresponding international and sovereign rates.

Hilarious!  The beaming smiles on our faces and tears of joy in our eyes will reveal everything without having to say a word.  And if they still can't figure it out, the new Italian sports car in the waterfront mansion driveway will say volumes. 

LOL!  Too funny!  But ok, I get it.  Loose lips sink ships in the banking industry.  Whatever...

Now for those of us who have done the hard internal spiritual work about how and why the planet is evolving from one era to the next (Pieces to Aquarius), then you'll be focused on the transition of this event with an appreciation for our currency exchange of value, but also as it relates to understanding we share the galaxy with dozens of other non-humanoid beings. 

No question about it, transition is a much higher vibrational road versus day the money transaction, and places you on a righteous pathway to personal soul ascendency.

So everything is connected, but it's really a matter of to what depth do you desire to understand what is actually going down.  Meaning, if you're dead broke, the transaction is probably the only thing you can focus on because you believe money will give you new life. 

Transaction obsession is totally understandable if your suffering, but it's by definition still a much, much lower vibration than a financial transition. 

Then there are some who are focused on the raw transcendence aspect of this historic time, and we see the double entendre meaning of said NDA because the whole Paris Agreement / GCR / RV cocktail is really just setting the collective consciousness foundation for not only the release of extra terrestrial life on earth as truth, but also many other advanced disclosures in a variety of other cultural arenas coming in the very near future. 

So yes, there are some wise old souls (or newborns) who see through both the transaction and the transition, to remain focused on the transcendence of the human spirit into non-physical, multi-dimensional reality form--all in perfect harmony with dozens of other conscious being species, currently roaming around our super universe. 

This vibe is the highest vibration and the real purpose of the Aquarian Age--as well as why we might actually need all this money--as only living within an infinite abundance consciousness can Hu-man beings truly be considered on the eternal highway of soul ascension.

And know whatever you sincerely believe is true.  So dare to believe.

God is with us.