Friday, October 7, 2016

Tony Rodrigues Update - Secret Space Program Whistleblower - Part 2 With Rob Potter

Rob Interviews Tony Rodrigues Space Program Whistleblower Part 2

Rob does his second interview after the SSP conferrence in Shasta, In this interview the Secret Space Program Continues Rob Interview another very credible Victim/ Whistleblower who has recovered quite a few memories like Corey Goode. Tony has a different experience which corroborates not one Corey Goode but Captain K or Randy Cramer the marine hero who is very involved in the forced disclosure process .

Forced because the bad guys don’t want to reveal their actions to the public. The cabal because they know they would go to jail. The military has reservations because they are somewhat complicit in these programs. We have so much pain and suffering to unravel and to expose this horrible on going program of the Nazi/ ICC Military Industrial Complex in the drivers seat. Let listen to tony and get a broader perspective.

Victory to the Light.