Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Video: Who Has Been Hacking the Emergency Alert System?

Something is up…

emergencybroadcastOn at least three difference occasions in September, the emergency alert system in New York had unfortunate “accidents” that look remarkably similar to hacking. The first time, a “truncated” message almost caused the whole of Long Island to be evacuated.

The second time, an eerie message about Donald Trump at the first debate played on repeat over an over via an emergency broadcast station in New Jersey just days before the debate which had been moved to Hofsta University on Long Island. The third time, a “Hazardous Materials Warning” for the entire country was broadcast on television not once but twice in upstate New York with the Dr. Seuss line, “Would you could you on a train?” casually tossed in the alert message… a message that we’re all to believe appeared “by accident” (twice) the night before a very bizarre train wreck in Hoboken, New Jersey that killed one and injured 114 others.

Of course, seeing as how this country has been on a strict “need-to-know” basis since at least World War II, We the People will be the last to know what’s really going on here…
But something… clearly… is.

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