Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What This Election Is Teaching Me


I believe I can confidently say that the Election here in the states just isn’t about those of us who live here – it pretty much involves the entire planet. Everyone with access to the internet or television is watching to see what we American’s are going to do in the upcoming weeks.  That’s a lot of pressure.  And yet, I am not going to tell you who I am going to vote for. I’m also not going to tell you who I think you should vote for nor am I going to admit whether I will be voting or not.  What I can and will say though is that this election is teaching me a lot about myself.  Let’s lay it out, shall we?

1) I am relearning this tolerance thing.  I have had some intense discussions with some folks, most of them end up giving me either very strange looks, claim I am “crazy” and don’t know what I’m talking about (that’s right, all of these years I have spent researching on my own while my accusers haven’t lifted a finger outside of the mainstream press their entire lives).  It’s hard for me to remember that, aside from these passionate discussions, I actually like these people.  I find myself wanting to scream at what I believe to be their blind ignorance and intentional refusal to dig deep and at least research the information I present to them. “Prove me wrong, please,” I usually end the conversation by saying.  I walk away, taking deep breaths and ask myself if I liked how I behaved.  There’s usually something I see about myself that I wish I had done different and been more loving.  And tolerant.  (Sadly, not once has one person done any research to prove me wrong.)

2) I am also revisiting this “have faith” thing.  All year I have felt something – or some things – were going to occur that would either cancel the election, postpone it or create a situation where it didn’t really matter.  I still don’t have words for this feeling, but it’s still there.  When I slip into my moments of fear and doubt and think “oh god she could be president” or “oh god he could be president”, I hear the quiet resilient voice within say “have faith in what you feel”.  And so, I do.  Goodness knows with the barrage of intel coming out now on both candidates, this is only going to snowball from here on out.  Once that snowball of truth starts rollin’, she cannot be stopped.

3) And then there is this “forgiveness” thing.  I had a very uncomfortable situation yesterday when discussing politics.  It wasn’t a conversation I started but was one of a neighbor who has a Hillary Clinton sign.  This person knows my views and so I was a bit offended at first that they would even bring up the sign then went on to ask me if I had no choice, who would I vote for.  I refused to answer.  They weren’t done with their questioning.  I began to become visibly uncomfortable so I said I was ending the conversation.  Their response?  “I enjoy seeing you get so agitated.”  I gave a look of horror, said what an unbelievably cruel thing to say.  “I would never say something like that to you,” I exclaimed.  The response?  “I know you wouldn’t.  But that’s how we Hillary people are.”

 Well, no argument from me on that one.  I was so offended though and said “Fuck you” and walked away.  I normally save my f-bombs for my writings or for when I’m inside the privacy of my home and you know, burn dinner or stub my toe or when it’s rainy when it was supposed to be sunny.  But I was so offended, that goddess boundary voice spoke up firmly and I have no regrets in how I handled the situation.  However, because normally I really adore and respect this person, and because I value my own health, I must remember to find forgiveness for this person for their temporary moment of cruelty. That is when I’m not plotting to get even by putting “hello kitty” stickers all over their sign.

I believe behind this chaos is a growing energy of truth and love and compassion.  A breaking down of the old to make room for the new.  These two media porn stars are simply playing out rolls – pointing us directly to our own insanity and mistakes individually and collectively.  This is not to dismiss their own darkness – not at all.  But good lord if ever there were a time when we finally as a collective see how RIDICULOUSLY LAZY and apathetic we have become, largely due to the controls of the system and how these controls spread out over our entire existence like octopus tentacles, well that time is NOW.

It is time to remember just who we really are.

It is time to call out lies and dark when we see it.

It is time to remove these damn political labels we all seem to be so addicted to and blinded by.

It is time to walk the talk of peace and love and all of these things we practice in our homes and listen to every sunday when we go to church.

It is time to BE the change we wish to see and then command it of those who we place into elected office.

It is time to remember we ARE all in this together.

Come on beautiful people.

It is time.

It is time.