Monday, November 21, 2016

David Wilcock Update via Fulford Blog - November 21, 2016 David Wilcock
Benjamin Fulford Blog

Excellent report. The civilian journalists investigating “Pizzagate” are building a case so rapidly that we are having to watch YouTube videos on a daily basis to keep up with the speed of their research.

The only major blind spot for the people making these videos is they do not realize that there is an Alliance driving these Wikileaks releases, and thus it is not only “up to us” to do something about this.

That being said, the grassroots efforts are very helpful. The revelations are sickening and certainly add a lot more depth to the filmed testimonies of Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor, which will hopefully start showing up in all of these videos as people realize who the long-term whistleblowers on this subject with the greatest credibility are.

Another seriously important point is that John Podesta is the character whose leaked emails have broken the whole thing. He has always been the most visible proponent of UFO-related disclosure in the government.
Podesta’s greatest regret after stepping down from the Obama administration to help Hillary’s campaign was that he “did not secure the release of the UFO files,” as said in a tweet. He then said “The truth is out there” in a hashtag.

Disclosure has always been the final move the Cabal can make to try to distract the public from an epic defeat. They should be wise enough by now to understand that their plans for nuking the planet or causing other types of mass death will never be authorized by the benevolent ETs.

Ben has always been very reticent to wade into this area, fearing a loss of credibility, though he has leaked a variety of data that lines up with it nonetheless.

FWIW, the dreams I have been having lately indicate that spectacular progress is soon to appear in the public eye, and as negative as it is, these Wikileaks revelations are the healing that needs to occur.
Two major issues with the Tarot cards jump out in terms of symbolism Ben does not see.

First, the Tower card is the Tower of Destruction, and symbolizes the fall of corrupt kings and queens. The Vatican is the spiritual center of the Cabal. This therefore refers to the destruction of the Cabal itself.

The fact that Russia is on one side of this split clearly underlines the key importance that Russia has played in the Alliance, including masterminding many of the most damaging hacks that have taken place — which we are starting to publicly see the results of now.

Secondly, the image of Trump on the Judgment card is a very clear homage to classic art of Christ sitting on the planet. This therefore is a mockery of elements of the public seeing Trump not only as their leader, but as a savior figure.

I am also surprised that Ben hasn’t stressed the appearance of Steve Pieczenik on the global scene. He is the Jack Ryan character from the Tom Clancy novels, and the subject of five major films.

The second Harrison Ford film, The Sum of All Fears, appears to tell the story of his time working in the White House and culminates with the President threatening his life, saying he doesn’t want to end up doing the “Potomac Two-Step” dance.

In an ironic synchronicity, the first Jack Ryan character was Alec Baldwin in “The Hunt for Red October,” and Baldwin is now SNL’s Trump-mocking main character.

Pieczenik is the first-ever high-ranking official to come forward and officially introduce us to the Alliance. Up until then it has only been Gordon Duff and the others at Veterans Today, Fulford, myself, Corey Goode, Pete Peterson and some of the other Project Camelot witnesses. Others have presented data that these prime sources have leaked.

The Pieczenik videos have been very exciting, as finally the Alliance has a spokesperson with a Cabinet-level background and five truth-telling movies and a host of spy thriller novels behind his name.

Furthermore, it has been fascinating to see Alex Jones turn in all of this and start to understand that not all the military and intelligence community is negative — in fact the majority of them are positive.

The new “Jason Bourne” film just came out and is only the latest of many films to be made by the Alliance. This film clearly depicts how a counter-coup against the Cabal is taking place in groups like the CIA thanks to its younger members. It also illustrates how companies like Google are being unwillingly threatened and controlled by the Cabal.

Never before have we seen so much action all at once. This is just the warm-up to a summary I need to post this week now that I am finally out of Colorado from another Gaia taping and am back at home with some time.

David Wilcock