Wednesday, November 30, 2016

ZAP Update - November 30, 2016
From: "The Office of Poofness" <>
Date: Wed, November 30, 2016 12:33 pm


Hi All,

It is done. After some very long days, a few with no sleep, the final schedule has been set. I am a bit bleary eyed right now but very bushy tailed. Working with the authorities and the governments, not only has the bank been forced to do what it is supposed to do in the first place, but the future concessions have been hammered out and agreed to. The biggest plus for them was that no further action would take place against them to deny them expansion capability into certain geographic regions which means huge revenue. The ones arrested, remain arrested. No leniency there.

Our timing has been put to December 2, 2016 as the day of our release. From that point, we have a 48 hour process to get the funds transferred to the paymaster, and then to our accounts. But…this takes us beyond our ability to keep stability in the teams, and medical assistance to several others to keep alive. We really need a week to get through because of the paymaster timing and weekend roadblock. Funds on the plate next Tuesday from this schedule, and I do not know if this can be pushed sooner as yet. I will try though.

We need your final help to get over the hump. There will be no further messages or newsletters as well, as the hosting service has informed us that the eConnect service for distributing to a mailing list, has been abruptly discontinued and will cease today at 5:00 PM. This is kinda sudden. We are exploring alternatives to get the newsletters out and keep information flow from being stopped.

What we are doing right now is deadly serious. We have the concessions, and we have the timing of the schedule. There is no further delay in the rollout and it is firm enough to hang a hat on. So the hat will change from being in the hand to being hung up (couldn’t help that). The only obstacles we now face is the odd naysayer here and there that still wishes to believe in the fairy tale that this is not real. It really is not an obstacle at this point, but rather the buzzing of some bug around the dinner plate. I can not say too much but the road to get here was deeply political, and quite global. Many have gone to jail.

Speaking of jail, the arrest teams are in full swing. I am in contact with the head of the teams and they number in a few thousand right now, and they are quite active. I can say a lot to this topic as I have a very good lay of that land, but security is paramount here in some respects. Suffice to say that every country has a few top agents, and a few dedicated teams working with the authorities in each country taking down these guys. Arrests are ongoing and will not stop until everything is squeaky clean. I do not get a report every day, but when he calls every few days to compare notes and ask questions about my knowledge of some aspects or some names, I get a download as to current state and you would have a big smile to know some of these details. All is well for our Humanity. What a job these guys have to get done.

Also, the global release has taken place for the funds for the RV and the historic bonds. That was confirmed last night. It has happened. It almost did not make it, but it did. Our Humanity will now breathe. Our first priority is relief funds to the critical cases (this has not changed) and we will do our best to address the (unanswered) emails asking for relief before Christmas.

I will address the various topics of the new Continental currency, timings, banking changes, and other aspects of the global rollout in the regular newsletter later today. Right now we need a big influx of survival funds to keep us and what we built alive until next week. There will be no more requests like this. It is not easy to work on an empty stomach with no money for prescriptions or other lifesaving things.

God Bless you and all of us in this great Work. We have indeed won this first and very critical round.

Love and Light
In Our service


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Love and Kisses,

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