Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ascension Updates: Signs, Symptoms and More Questions
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Earlier today I read a piece on ascension/energy updates and came across this little goodie:  “Need is lack.”  Immediately my body went on the defensive.

Ok, I thought, so now we’re not supposed to “need” anything.  I began walking around my kitchen saying “I don’t need money.  I don’t need food.  I don’t need shelter.  Or love.  Heck, I don’t need a DAMN thing!”

I can be quite dramatic at times.

My response was my classic passive-aggressive response for something that makes me feel exasperated, especially when challenged and this challenge was no exception given saying “I need” is a pretty common statement that runs through my brain on a regular basis.

I caught myself this time though and instead of going further down the path of human drama, that Wise One inside said “look deeper for the real meaning.”  This wasn’t about blame.  Or judgment.   Or even questioning or doubting myself.

“I need.”  What else could I say instead, I pondered.

“I have.”

Hmmm.  Ok.  I have.  So instead of saying “I need __” I can say “I have __”.  Since we’re jumping all over the place with the timelines, maybe stating things knowing – or at least attempting to get to that place of knowing – I already have it, that will switch things up a few notches for me on the manifestation wheel.  And given I believe one of the things I will be accomplishing for myself as I continue to Ascend is a return to my power of instant manifester, it felt right to me to say “I have” in place of “I need.”

Onto the symptoms.  Energetically, right now, I feel I am being compressed, for lack of a better word.  I experience tightness in my chest at times lately and in other parts of my body.  The drugged sensation is back again and my ability to form sentences at times, well the more tired I feel, that just ain’t happening.  Earlier tonight, while getting ready to scrub the tub, I called out to my partner to bring me the “thing”.  What thing?  You know, the THING, I said, waving my hand in exasperation, not understanding why he couldn’t just read my mind and bring me the damn bathroom cleaner.  I then just imitated myself scrubbing the tub.  Oh how I long for telepathic communication where TALKING is an OPTION.

I am also becoming nocturnal.  I have always preferred the night hours and have never been a morning person.  However, it is as though my entire Being is shifting in this direction and demanding I stay up later and later and sleep longer and later each day.  My mate is experiencing this as is our child.

Then there are the food cravings.  I am female and I certainly get food cravings during certain times of the month.  However, I am not in that particular time right now. I am in the time of my normal cycle where food cravings just aren’t a “thing”.  Right now though – WOW!  I want chocolate.
Doesn’t matter what form it comes in, I want chocolate. Chocolate cake (which I made one today).  Milk chocolate candy bars. Dark chocolate.  And maple syrup – with peanut butter.  On french toast.  (Yes that is a thing and yes it is DELICIOUS!  That was today’s lunch.) Thankfully I am craving fruit and lemon water just as desperately, so I am getting some good “healthy” alternatives mixed in.  Although I have to ask these days just what is normal and just what is healthy anymore?  If everything is changing (and it sure feels that way to me at every level of my existence), all of the old ways are becoming meaningless.

One last thing.  The questions.  I have been having more questions lately about this process.  I am the type who wants to know the Truth – yesterday.  Are we really ascending?  Are all of these symptoms that seem to be Universal, more or less, for so many, really due to Ascension?  Is it instead some part of the Matrix – another agenda – another energy grid being laid out that will just give us another illusion of freedom and if so, how would we even know?  If this process is all about Faith and Trust, wouldn’t it be nice to know just exactly WHAT we are putting our faith and trust into?  Some seem to be almost blindly walking this journey, no doubt whatsoever as to what is happening.  Are they naive?  Or do they just know something I don’t?

Who knows.  What keeps me going are the little marks along my journey I have experienced since childhood that have told me I am here to be a part of something Big.  The moment at age 3 or 4 when I was watching my family mingle during a Christmas morning, and I felt my body freeze as I thought “they don’t get it – they don’t see what’s really happening”.  This strange moment of pure insight was gone as quickly as it came and I snapped out of that state and returned to playing with my dollies.  Then there was the moment when I was 19 and had a woman tell me I had the brightest aura she could recall seeing on a person – the most awesome insight and compliment I had ever received.  At the time I heard my Wise One again say “remember these words” – I did and I am grateful for it. They have gotten me through some lonely, dark moments.

Then the numbers began showing themselves, making up countless moments since that time.  Then there were the dreams of a completely brand new way of Living and Being coupled with daytime visions.  Add in the numerous paranormal experiences and the one telepathic communication with a Light Orb in the night sky that completely took away the feeling of homesickness I had felt my ENTIRE life – for just a few moments – until it winked out.

In between these little moments was a never-ending feeling of KNOWING I am here to be a part of something really amazing.  An escape.  A return to Self.  A liberation.  A reclaiming of Truth of all that I ever was and ever will be.  And a wish that Humanity as a whole would also be breaking free.
So be good to yourself Human People’s.  Be kind to one another.  And enjoy this ride we all are experiencing.

Love and blessings~