Tuesday, December 20, 2016

David Wilcock Radio Update - December 19, 2016

Interview with David Wilcock on Fade to Black Radio!


http://www.amfirstradio.com/wilcock_david.jpgDavid Wilcock just did an interview on Fade to Black Radio with Jimmy Church last night and it was quite a show! He talked about current events, PizzaGate, the election, the Cabal and some other new information he hasn’t released yet. Apparently we are in for a very exciting near future which he goes into in detail.

Here is the link to the show, David starts at 33:11, which for me is a synchronistic number that appears occasionally and is always a good sign.

Much love everyone!

Listen to "Ep. 575 FADE to BLACK w/ David Wilcock : The Endgame 1 and 2 : LIVE" on Spreaker.