Friday, December 23, 2016

Dr William Mount Intel Update - December 22, 2016

Intel Report: Elites Failing On All Fornts

VIDEO:   Intel Brief: Elites Failing On All Fronts - YouTube

The Satanic NAZI Elites are failing on all fronts.

First - In Syria - As Russia begins sending in over 20,000 Mercenaries to help clean up the US Backed Terrorists in Syria

Aleppo is now Officially in Syrian Hands - or what the US has left of Aleppo.

Further - over 60 town were just seized by the Kurds in the Al Raqqah Region.

Wasn’t Al Raqqah supposed to be the Great US Terrorist New front a few weeks ago???

When the Russian Mercs are done there they will turn to other War Fronts.

Please keep in mind that there are only about 15 -20 Ukrainian Politicians who are pushing this war with Russia and if they go away - no more war. This is exactly what these 20,000 Russian Mercs are trained to do - end the war at the lowest cots.

Second - on the Ukraine Front - the War is stalled and there will be retaliation against these Elites for attempting to kill all Ukrainians and poison their foods with GMO Wheat - so says the I Am That I Am, Who Was, And Is, And Is To Come and it is coming before Summer.

Third -  On the US Human Sacrificing Satanic Front - Hillary has just blamed her loss on the Racist Electorial College.

The excuses of the Left Wing NAZIs: It’s all George Bush’s Fault, then Putin’s fault, Then Trump’s Fault, now it’s all due to Racism.

What next Hillary - it’s the Alien’s fault???

Fourth - the Elites “alien Invasion” failed. Those in the US Secret Space Program are not happy with these Elites trying to destroy Planet Earth and there is allot of decision now erupting with the Elites.

Fifth - their attempt so start WW3 have all failed - with the stopping of nukes from going off 16 November (DC, NYC) and also 25 December same places.

Sixth - their attempts to destroy America by trashing the Dollar have so far failed. So they are jacking up Interest rates like there is no tomorrow.

We will see some real jumps in food prices before this is all over with but keep in mind that those who work in the Underground Bases and in the Super Duper Top Secret Space Program are paid by the US Dollars.

Finally - the Elite Pagan Christmas Holiday Sales are a flop nation wide.

Before the Civil War the celebration of Christmas in the Southern States was almost never practiced. After the war the Pagan Festival was foisted on the South through the larger retailers.

Those days are over as people are now looking for practical gifts - Food, Flashlights that can be used for Self Defense, Water Filters, etc.

As the records show - the Real Yeshua was born around the 4th of April and was a Carpenter - he cut down trees and hauled them into his shop to make very expensive furniture. He had short hair and a short beard and was build like a Weigh Lifter. He had the strength to break a Roman Soldier in half - but he chose not to. More on this later.

What this all means is expect some major disruptions in the supply chain and some real price increases - especially in the food area.

Please pray these Satanic Elites fail at every evil deed they try.

Have your family ready with Food and Water Filters for what is coming - both Economically and Weather Wise as the sun continues to change.


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Dr William B. Mount