Saturday, December 10, 2016

Intel Report - Geopolitical Overview (Updated) - December 10, 2016

Received via email....  PART#2 (Update)

 G7 / NATO / EU / BIS / IMF / WB / FED Must Now Exit or Be Exterminated
There will be no global RV until this entire stable of cabal children (leaders) are publicly removed from power by either sacrificial resignation or prearranged political defeat.

China and Russia will not compromise on this issue--nor must they given the desperate state of financial and energy affairs in Europe, Japan and USA/Canada/Mexico.

The hidden power families that usher these political puppets into power are your left-handed path sworn enemies (i.e. the cabal or dark nobility); and thus all these nations, and any loyal to their once "insurmountable power grip" are officially the arch enemy of humanity until all are made to surrender, and transition, from their dark master into the light of God.

And the world shall be made to wait, and suffer, until every last one of them is exterminated.  No exceptions, no compromises, no compassion.

Exit or be exterminated.


Received via email.... PART#1

Geopolitical Overview

December 10, 2016

The last public cabal figures are still pathetically attempting to stall the RV, and not allow a pre-Christmas release. 

They are doing so by attempting to extend or draw out unwinable conflicts in Syria and the Ukraine… which is nothing new…

The difference now is that winter is here, and because most to all of the military conflicts have clear and immanent resolutions coming, it means the cabal has been checkmated by Russia and China…

Turns out that Russia and China's resolve to place some kind of sane control mechanism via production levels over the world's energy markets has already occurred… allowing for the revaluation of currencies to roll out without any struggle or ability to manipulate given that the Chinese financial architecture block chain technology performs as expected.

Now, lets discuss the European Union, and specifically Germany, who relies on Russia for 1/3 of it's energy supply (and 40% of its oil and gas supply running through the Ukraine--which has been turned off due to debts in arrears). 

Germany is the last bastion of sovereign cabal power left in the European Union now that the leaders of the UK, Italy and France have all seen their cabal empires crumble and were either forced to resign or publicly announce that they will not run again.

Ah, but this still leaves Ms. Angela Merkel, who is attempting to make it appear as though she still wields power to save/control Europe with an iron hand due to German cash supplies--which technically she ran out of when Deutsche Bank defaulted (meaning Germany also defaulted) and she was forced to fly to China after the G20 and accept a national bailout--and agreed to settle the Ukrainian / Russian gas dispute for China.

You see, with the release of the global RV, nobody will need anybody else for their won sovereign financial survival… thus individual currency manipulation will no longer be a weapon, and Ms. Merkel will have no more chips left to play regarding keeping the European Union together (or NATO for that matter because war between sovereign nations is not allowed to participate in the new financial system).  

See any nation to nation conflicts anywhere in the world right now?  No.  That's because every nation must be in 100% compliance with the 2015 Paris Agreement (GCR/RV) or not be allowed to exist as a sovereign nation in good standing--and made to take a timeout until they change over their government--and that's what's h appending to Germany right now--they still haven't gotten compliant with the 2015 Paris Agreement--and the whole world is waiting on them.

And that my friends is what we here in the US are all waiting, Germany's public surrender of both European Union (and Euro) as well as Ms. Merkel very public resignation from power.  Hitler's Granddaughter will not be allowed to go forward--nor will the 4th Reich's Zionist plan to overtake the world through usury and war--and the hope (or the plan anyway) is that Germany will succumb to the reality of the global geopolitical environment and Merkel will walk away.

Why?  Because all it will take is one bitterly cold German winter with less than sufficient heating oil and gas supplies to break her power hold, as well as all leaders allied with her across Eastern Europe.  They will all lose their respective populations before the spring arrive and experience revolt.

Russia knows that. 
China knows that.
The US knows that.
196 members of UN know that.
Now you know that.