Friday, December 23, 2016

"Ready To Blow" RV Update Friday 12.23.16

Received via email at 11:11pm......


"Ready To Blow"
RV Update


The Iraqi Budget has been published in the Gazette 4x.  However, there's an Internet black out to the rest of the world.

So unless the country you reside in receives said Gazette in printed form the rates won't technically go live. 

Yet rates are live right now in Dubai.  So they're moving step by step like a turtle, not a hare.

Iraqi has said they will release the Internet blackout by midnight on Christmas Day, which is Saturday 4pm EDT Christmas Eve in USA.

Current screen rates for IQD in the USA are steadily climbing hourly, they are not sucker rates but toe in the water rates to test the new digital architecture.

Know every bank central bank in the world has received a memo that the RV will go live and before Christmas Day.

St. Germain Trust has been released and authorized to be unleaded for all humanity without restriction by the Chinese Elders.

That said, we are expectant at anytime, but hopeful by early tomorrow morning, which we hear Saturday allegedly was and is the RV back wall for global release because all banks and markets will be closed.

However, the RV administratively is known to have been released yesterday around 4PM on Thursday, and yet we have no concrete evidence of this, with no 800# invitation to participate as of yet.  We are waiting on such a call and disbursal of contact information now.

Many geopolitical events occurred today:

The 2017 USA Military Budget was signed.

The UN Resolution of Palestine land returning from Israel settlements passed.

The Ukraine agreed to implement the Minsk Agreement with Russia.

Putin had his end of the year press conference and claimed victory in Aleppo.

We've had 3 different confirmations for all above information regarding the currencies and much more regarding the historical bonds, trade platforms and geopolitical connections.

If this isn't the RV, there is no RV as there are 3 back to back bank and market holidays all lined up staring Saturday 12.24 and going trough Monday 12.26--just enough time to get all the private redemptions through without detection.

We shall see if the dormant volcano that is the global GCR/RV is truly ready to finally blow or not.  And soon. 

God is with us.