Friday, January 13, 2017

Dr. William Mount Update - CIA Plot Exposed: Kill Trump & Invade Russia - January 12, 2017


VIDEO:  CIA Plot Exposed: Kill Trump & Invade Russia - YouTube

Once again we are facing another CIA led attempt to kill President Elect Donald Trump and start WW3.

Sound Familiar?

Here is the problem - the CIA is now desperate as they know their Satanic NAZI allies are being rounded up across the globe and Desperate People do desperate things.

Now, more than ever, your prayers are needed to stop this insanity.

In yet another Exposed Plot the CISA is attempting to kill the President Elect Donald Trump before their Puppet Obama #4 and 5 leave office.

Then - they will again blame the Russians and send the ever increasing US Military Forces in Europe into Russia and attack.

---See Operation Atlantic Resolve - the Build Up For The invasion of Russia---

“Operation Unthinkable”

If they can’t invade Russia then maybe China, or Venezuela, or Mexico, or any other nation. They just kill the Trumpster and pull a CD off the shelf and put it into the Computer and Voila - a Nuclear War.

You will fail again CIA:

1) Your little US Navy Smoke Bomb has been stopped

2) Your bombs along the Power Corridor leading to the White House are being removed

3) Your Nuke under the Southern Portion of DC has been found

4) Your nuke in the tunnel leading out of the White House to the West has been found and removed

5) Your shooters know that if they shoot at Trump they will die within a week

6) Hillary’s Exploding Podium Idea was exposed so the Trumpster had to buy his own podium.

7) The Hand Held explosive now being contemplated to put under the Platform the Trumpster is going to stand on will be stopped - one of the Maintenance Man working on the Platform hates Trump - in fact, he hates Whites. That is how you can find him.

8) Your attempts to have a Top Secret Destroyer launch form the Potomac to destroy the Inauguration will not work as a certain Very Powerful US Underground Corporation is now in full cooperation with the rest of the world and in full agreement with us:

Do Not Kill Our Presidents, Do Not Crack This Planet In Half.

The world is fully awake as to what you Satanic NAZI Democrats want to do and they are now acting on it.

Again - these Pigs have been mad at the Right Wingers for 155 years for taking their slaves away. Well - too bad, too sad, touche’.

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