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Geopolitical Overview "The Rub" - January 12, 2017

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"The Rub"
Geopolitical Overview
Thursday January 12, 2017


“To die, to sleep – to sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come…”

-- Hamlet


The above quote​ ​is said by Hamlet to himself when he thinks he is alone. He is asking himself if it is better to give up and die rather than facing his troubles,but he is frightened that he will dream when he is dead and never get any peace from his earthly troubles. The speech starts with the even more famous “To be or not to be…” which is the ‘should I live or die?’ part.

​Shakespeare?  Really?  Now?  ​When my mortgaged is unpaid?  And my wife/husband won't talk to me because I've following a financial transition that they believe doesn't exist and I can't stop following?  Where is the rub?  The deal edge.  Where does the balance of power really rest?  Because it seems like, it feels like, it's become obvious that until there is balance in the geopolitical arena, there will be no peace, and thus no RV.  But once there is, watch out!

The answer in a word is Zion. 

Zion is a spiritual ideology birthed from the inhuman desire for absolute power/control over the planet and all of its living creatures in the name of God.  Ironic that God wants the exact opposite for organic human His Children of Israel (who are not Anglo-Saxon), but I digress...

All three major religions make some kind of claim to some version of an "end time" prophecy, whereby there will be a Holy restoration of God's Will on earth as in Heaven per individual religious scripture.  There are Christian, Muslim and Hebrew Zionists, all exposing the same basic mantra of unity through one faith-their faith. 

When the truth is, unity just is, and is not faith but rather knowing.  Thus, all man made religions only serve to divide humanity by creating the illusion desiring unity, but in practice, do everything to separate mankind.  And this folks is where "the rub" truly lies.  Zion by it's own definition is a divide conquer strategy under the lie of unity.

That brings us to East Jerusalem, the Old City, is where these three religions meet and conflict.  All lay claim to parts of the Holy City, as this is where Zion exists religiously for a large portion of the human population.  This is also why the Palestine / Israeli conflict is back in the news, and why there is so much struggle in this region. 

A two state solution has long been proposed, even negotiated per the Oslo Accords.  But the problem remains that each religion believes itself superior, thus owners of Zion (East Jerusalem).  This goes for Americans as well, as the United States is predominantly a Christian right conservative nation. 

Which means one Holy City is being fought for by the Palestinian Authority (Muslim); Israel Knesset (Hebrew) and United States Government (Christian).  One against another, divine and conquer, designed to intentionally create chaos through the lie of negotiating peace in Zion.

As such, there can be no peace on earth until there is peace in East Jerusalem (Zion); and why it's being address now before the global collateral account finances are released to humanity.  Kinda makes our ten year plus wait more understandable, when understood in ancient religious war context.  

Now on the surface, this is a tall order given our recent history.  Yes it appears as though the end times are upon us due to all the decades of chaos and war in this region.  But the world community is unifying, and recently at the United Nations, the United States stood down from supporting Israel's 1967 claim on controlling Zion. 

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu knew this political powder keg was coming when President Obama rejected his requests for an increased presence in Syria and disregard for Greater Israeli's expansion into the Middle East.  So much so, Bibi knew he had to gain control of the White House to protect the national security of both his country and Zion for his cabal masters in Eastern Europe.  Enter Donald Trump the candidate circa 2015. 

Getting complicated yet?  Wait, it gets better…

Ancient families in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (Zimbabwe) all got together well before 9/11 to say enough of this insanity, lets fix this problem once and for all.  So they began to pool their natural resources, armies, banks and GDP and literally removed their countries completely from Zionistic monetary, diplomatic and military control. 

They did this so well, that in 2012 they literally bankrupted the entire western banking system controlled from Eastern Europe, as well as the three major religions simultaneously.  This why we got the Arab Spring wars, and why the civil war in Syria began, and the ongoing war in Iraq continued.  As BRICS left major cabal (Zionists) families desperate to replace old income streams: Middle East (oil, drugs), Europe (banking, energy), United States (military, media).

So there is your proverbial "rub," control of East Jerusalem (Zion), as whomever structurally controls the Holy City, controls the world. 

Now back to Trump, it's important everyone understand that his candidacy rests in full support of Bibi Netanyahu and his vision of Zion, in harmony with the united States public who pays for his nation's defense through their tax dollars.  As without public opinion here in the United States, the Hebrew religion cannot control or decent their version of Zion. 

So "the rub" may ultimately be about the control of Zion, but the Shakespearean drama playing out rests with both the Trump and Netanyahu Presidency's as they do everything in their power to survive personal scandals in order to achieve a common end time vision of Zion.

Gosh, imagine if new and shocking 9/11 information suddenly came out via fake news sources whereby both men were exposed as being in collusion since the twin towers came down, in order to now bring about absolute control of the United States Government to protect Israel's national security interests and Zionistic dreams.  Boy, talk about a scandal.  

Trump is not who he portrays people.  Please wake up.

God is with us.