Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kent Dunn Intel Updates - NATO & Russia Exchange Military Fire, Queen Head Chopped Off, PizzaGate Kill Room Found

Date: January 10, 2017
Notes & Commentary: AscensionWithEarth.Com
Intel: Kent Dunn

NATO Military Targets Russian Airplane, Russia Strikes Back Sinks Two NATO War Ships(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) 

Kent Dunn:  This morning January 10, 2017, over near the region of Lithuania and Estonia (Baltic States), a Russian plane was flying near by a fleet ships operated by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).  One of the military NATO ships targeted and shot at the Russia plane flying overhead.  Russia has a military fleet of battleships off of the coast of Finland.  The Russian battleships returned fire against the NATO military fleet who previously tried to shoot down the Russian airplane.  Russia hit two military NATO ships and sunk both of them.  A total of 300 people were on the two NATO ships that were sunk and they perished in battle.  Kent Dunn says it sounds like a major international incident but this is a dark cabal related event, as they were trying to start trouble against Russia.

Ascension With Earth Commentary: It is well known that the Baltic states in the area have a very controversial history with Russia.  In February 2015, a BBC news article quoted UK defense secretary as saying "NATO must be ready for aggression in "whatever form" said Michael Fallon" and "There is a "real and present danger" of Russia trying to destabilise the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the UK defence secretary says".  The article can be read at this link here. It seems that the event that Kent was talking about was somehow foreshadowed almost two years ago through the cabal's propaganda outlet at the BBC, but apparently the cabal's attempt to start a major international incident has failed yet again.

Meditation and Prayer Request by Kent Dunn at 11:11

Kent asks people to pray or meditate at your time zone at 11:11 on 1/11/2017.  Kent Dunn communicates with Archangels and they told him the "Creator" loves it when humanity prays/meditates together.

The Queen is Dead and Pindar Is Chopping Royal Heads

Kent says that the Queen Elizabeth is dead.  Kent mentions the Pindar who is known as the King of the reptilian E.T. species on Earth and describes the Pindar as 11 feet tall and has white scales. Because the Queen is dead, many cabal minions and elite royals are worried because they know that the Pindar is "here".  Apparently the Pindar killed Queen Elizabeth and now the royals are "running around like chickens with the heads cut off" and "scared to death".  Kent asked his "Creator", "Is the Queen dead?", and Kent's "Creator" replied with the following message:

"Yes, it is done. Its [Queen] head was cut off and dismantled to bring dissident and to bear minions and the fall of the draco rule. It has been told and much guidance of light is to be." ~ Kent Dunn's Creator

Kent Dunn has a message to the Royals, "Punishment is to be determined".

Ascension With Earth Commentary: According to this information, it would seem that the PINDAR is now working for the "light forces" and exterminating all his subjects of the royal bloodlines who are not following the new decrees set out by Kent's "Creator".  Seems to be an interesting turn of events as the head reptilian King has turned against his own bloodline ruling families.  Cutting off the Queen's head would most likely strike fear to all those who took orders from the reptilian shape-shifting Queen.  The quote from Kent's "Creator" is a very powerful statement, very war like energies coming from this being of light.  Some would say this is very controversial coming from "The Creator", since it has the same type of flavoring as when ISIS Terrorist groups behead their victims. 

Hollywood, Bollywood, & Famous Actors & Musicians

83% of actors in Hollywood and Bollywood have sold their souls to be famous.  That is why these people are dying off.  In the music business, 93% of these musicians have sold their soul to become famous.  "The wrath is soon to become upon them" says Kent Dunn.

57,000 Spiritual Beings

Kent Dunn says his soul comes from the Pleiades star system and that he is no more special than any other person.  He is going through everything just like all other humans on earth because he is human.  We all picked to be on Earth at this time during this transition.  Over 57,000 species of spiritual beings from this Universe and other Universes that are here on earth at this time.

Ascension With Earth Commentary: I do not understand this concept from Kent Dunn regarding 57,000 species of spiritual beings.  I have always thought of 3D Earth and all of its living inhabitants as being part of a spiritual plane of existence.  The energy here in this #D spiritual realm is more dense than other realities, as our 3D realm is heavier and energy seems to have materialized into a more solid state.  If you remember from biology class, there are over 8.7 million species that live on mother earth alone.  With a Universe with infinite possibilities and infinite creations, one would come to a conclusion that 57,000 species is relatively minuscule.

Obama and a Message to the Jesuit Pope

Kent Dunn calls Barrack Obama the "Devils Messenger" and is basically just a minion of the cabal who is doing his handlers bidding.

The "Creator" has a message for the Jesuit Pope, that he has something special in line for the Pope at his end time.

#PizzaGate Child Sacrificing Chamber Found

Kent Dunn talks about the newest revelation about PizzaGate and that the Pegasus Museum does have an underground metal room used for child sacrifices.  The light-workers were notified about this information last night on January 9, 2017.  Ascension With Earth Blog picked up this story a few days ago on January 6th, and you can read about the Comet Ping Pong/ Besta Pizza alleged child kill room at this link here.