Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Project Camelot: Humans as Prey: Pizzagate, Pedophilia and Human Sacrifice

Project Camelot

I wrote the following recently as a reply to someone on the Avalon Forum and feel it’s worthwhile and timely to post here as well.

Default Re: Pizzagate: pedophilia in American elite (with links to related threads)

Hi Natalie and everyone,

I am assuming you saw my latest live show about this and Tompkins: SHOW RE TOMPKINS & THE EFFORTS TO CONTROL DISCLOSURE!!

As far as interviewing Bob Wood about this I would be happy to and was thinking of contacting him about this recently.

Keep in mind Mark Richards has actually written to some degree about the Rep side of this in his papers published by his wife Jo Ann Richards specifically in the BATTLE OF VESTA as I recall…  as well as talked with me about this subject on my 5 interviews.

And the satanic details have long been out there including the Svali

I don’t think it’s so necessary to linger on the details of human sacrifice and ritual (see human sacrifice by tribes going back in time as well) so much as the need to begin to understand the meaning of it all.

In essence we have several PREDATORY races some of whom are linked to us through DNA and our so-called Reptilian brain as you know. How do we live with them is the question? That is what we need to be considering. Warning our children is surely the first step. You can’t wipe them all out because too many humans are steeped in the Rep DNA/Bloodline now to jettison them all off the
planet!! Instead it’s time to view the existence of predators towards humans with a more discerning eye. We need as a result to be warriors of light not “workers” and begin to chart our own course in this way. Raising your vibration helps as does being physically fit and having second sight or spiritual awareness on all levels. Figure this is the way of the Cosmos and the challenge of life on the 3d/4d. Predators force a species to refine itself and rise to the challenge. See this not as a victim but as a challenge for further development and advancement.

I see waking people up to the ET/alien/inner earth races and their presence as key to warning them about the both good and bad aspects of this as paramount to human development and progression. Not all ETs are our friends. Not all humans work on behalf of humanity. This is the world we inhabit as spirits having a material existence. We came here for the challenge. I agree that being in denial as to the negative does nothing to enlighten anyone and does not protect our children.

— Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot