Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Revelation" - GCR/RV Overview - Sunday - January 22, 2017

Received via email.....

Revelation 1:3

Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

A revelation is a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one made in a dramatic way. 

The RV is such a revelation as it announces the word's new gold backed value system and identifies countries that were once deemed valueless as valuable, and highly valuable nations as far less valuable--seemingly overnight.  

Basically, truth is being restored to the financial system and past lies discarded.  Not unlike when someone told you Santa Clause didn't exist--the truth is he never existed but you didn't know any better--then voila, revelation!

Life goes on.

The United States Dollar is such a lie.  Our currency was made to appear as the most valuable in the world after WW2 (global reserve currency), when in truth it lacked the natural assets to "back up" such a claim.  This lie was carried out and executed at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference without the knowledge of a majority of the world's citizenry.  

But the ones who controlled the vast majority of the world's tangible assets knew better--the Chinese Elders who protect and keep the global collateral accounts that House unthinkable amounts of tangible wealth, specifically gold.

What's happening now is that the old 1944 system of global finance system is collapsing under the weight of its own lie, and therefore so are its politicians, military generals and diplomatic alliances -- all loyal to the original sin of valueless money. 

Today, we are seeing humanity revalue in real time; and what once appeared to be real and true is being exposed as a giant lie.  Vice verse, what was once worthless and unwanted, is now being restored to its invaluable and prized status--that includes nations and races of people btw.  

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, the Chinese Elders are exposing Anglo-Saxon nations as less valuable than they once believed. As a result, nations globally are fleeing the USD and USA alliances, leaving the Republic of the United States diplomatically isolated, fiscally bankrupt, and a much smaller global military player than previous believed.

People just don't know what to do with themselves.  After all they have never existed under this paradigm, so how on earth could it be true?  Yet it is.  Adapt or die I suppose.

Life goes on.

Ouch.  Truth hurts when not in our favor.  America (and the white race globally) went spiritually belly up and now having to pay the price in every aspect of life; including a Trump Presidency, that 65% of a non caucasian country is beyond distraught about. 

Truth is Anglo Saxons are now out numbered in the United States just as they are globally.  And Trump can't save them from having to share the world.  No one can.  The game is over.

Yet this new financial system awaits in the wings we are told.  Few have actually seen or experienced it, but we hear rumors daily and can sense something is afoot.

But until this new savior system finally appears publicly, and is declared as the new accepted replacement over the old financial system--we must wait.  

Hopefully, this new system is based on tangible in ground assets (facts) versus fiat petrol dollar (lies). Maybe this is why a new TRN (sovereign holdings) and USN (everyday cash and carry) currency had to be created in order to replace the old USD (petrol dollar).  

Both however would need to be under pinned by a tangible valued asset, like gold, and be our own nation's gold vault under Republic control, not borrowed gold like in the 1944 system.  

Also, no more speculation would be allowed on global trading markets in order to leverage paramilitary forces for any non sanctioned zionist agenda.  That's just nuts, right!

Yet this is what the USA did in the past, as they diplomatically forced other nations to buy their USD each time they pumped a barrel of oil out of their own ground--in essence forcing investment in the USD.

Meaning, every time even one barrel of oil was pumped out of the ground anywhere in the world, new USD was created and assigned to the global money supply by our Private Federal Reserve Bank, with the full approval of our United States Treasury via laws passed by our United States Congress and signed by our United States President.

Well, the world has said no more to that nonsense and created an entirely different  system of finance, including new computer technology and satellites.  The majority of petrol production is now both capped and paid for in different currencies other than USD.  This eliminates the petrol dollar as being an evergreen monetary supply for Western world nations--and renders their currency at par to their appropriate value, not overvalued and or smaller nations completely valueless.

And life goes on.

This is why 209 nations secretly got together and returned all finance to a gold standard of collateral value, which requires a specific percentage of gold in above ground holdings be held in order to print a sovereign nation's money.  

The Republic of United States participated in this gold treaty--quietly--but has yet to reveal their involvement because the gold standard prevents over printing, which prevents over spending and eliminates dangerous and destructive national debt escalation like we are now seeing everywhere in the Western world.

Announcing the gold standard to a nation with a small amount of gold is like telling its citizenry there's no Santa Clause.  The markets markers along with big business would have to be forewarned and fully on board--which they all are btw--sadly they were also the ones perpetuating the USD lie.

Therefore, the fiat money lie is officially dead--but no one has told the public yet.  Simple as that.  Why reveal it this way?  In a word safety.  

Because until the new gold standard is publicly revealed and openly signed into law by the Congress of the Republic of the United States, there legally can be no gold revaluation of American currency (TRN/USN), and the world will continue  limping along under the illusion of the old petrol dollar (USD) financial system.

Clearly the NPTB don't trust us yet with the truth, as the fiat illusion simply cannot be sustained psychologically let alone financially anymore.  So the rub is upon us all, and them.

Let's pray China's Elders feel it's time to release the world from bondage, because we know they've long replaced the global monetary system in order to secure the future of humanity.

And while we're appreciate of this Herculean feat, please Grandfather let's get on with the public revelation of fiscal change already.  As you're losing those of us who have long championed your cause; and spiritually, that's a dangerous fulcrum to cross as the world depends on way-seeing souls to clean up the world's giant mess just as much as yours.

Your roots perhaps, but our tree.

God is with us.