Saturday, January 28, 2017

Secret Space Program Update - Tony Rodrigues Discusses The Dark Fleet- January 2017

Tony Rodrigues and Denny join for a 4 Part Skype Interview conducted on 23 January 2017. This same morning Tony had his 2 hour ACIO review with “Peter the Insider” from Australia. This interview covers Tony’s revelations from “Peter the Insider.”

Tony’s story is well covered by the outstanding series of interviews conducted by Michael Salla of where the first interview can be seen here If you haven’t seen these, please watch them because they will give you a better understanding of Tony’s background and amazing experiences.

Tony was one of the first Dark Fleet whistleblowers to go public and then into some detail about the Satanic sexual abuse and on-planet and off-planet Sex Slave industry. This is #pizzagate about 3 months before Wikileaks!

While Tony was able to independently confirm many of his experiences, especially as they relate to the locations, he has refrained from naming names because his intention is to flesh out the history of this dark chapter without seeking revenge or harming others.

This is Part 1

This is Part 2

This is Part 3

Part 4 to be continued