Monday, January 23, 2017

"Soft Power" - Geopolitical / GCR / RV Overview - 00:00 EDT - Monday - January 23, 2017


"Soft Power" - Geopolitical / GCR / RV Overview - 00:00 EDT - Monday - January 23, 2017

It's going to take some time, but the Trump conundrum will be revealed for what it and he truly are--the villain blood kin bait that caught a bigger political fish named Netanyahu of Israel.

We have long known the new US Presidency was the last Hail Mary for new-con Benjamin Netanyahu to hold onto power in the Israeli Knesset.

Long ago we believed he took the Trump as President bait hook, line and sinker... and here's why:

So much now about the Israel and Palestine conflict feels forced and directed all on Trump to either save the peace or destroy it--like they both already know what solution is coming and just inching their way towards peace, yet appearing to take a hard line due to radical factions of their own citizenry.

If each out going leader didn't put up a fight, how can they be seen as trying, right?  We're talking about Middle East peace here.  Throw some punches guys!

Few know that Trump was born Jewish, and his family has for two generations hid their Ashkenazi ancestry, including Donald being raised as a devout Zionist.  Also Trump knew long ago one day who would running for President--Netanyahu knew this too, even planned on it in 2016--but so did Putin and Xi Jinping pictured above.

So anyone in the "Trump being a part of the Republic camp" is in for massive let down shortly.

We're just shocked that China and Russia actually allowed Trump to take the first Republic oath, but that was all apart of the Netanyahu/Trump set up (a post that was already posted):

What if in say March, Wikileaks suddenly releases the Trump's tax returns, and he is instantly linked to both Israel and Russia through past business contacts?

The world community as well as Trump's now "hanging by a thread" domestic political support would all but erode ASAP, yes?

Such a scandal would mean the potential halting of US Congress funding for Israel as long as Trump supported Netanyahu and or Netanyahu was still In power.  Or both.

Something would have to give, and fast.  A head would need to roll.

There's no way Israel could defend itself with a hardline one state, greater Israel expansion policy having no US aid.

Plus, Trump intentionally drew a line in the sand during his inaugural speech when he said America will no longer defend other nation's boarders... including Israel's I assume, which is a radical foreign policy change btw.

In fact, the nation of Israel would go into serious freak out mode, especially if Trump sides with that new Israeli capital move from Tel Aviv to East Jerusalem tomorrow.

Sure Netanyahu is now proposing such a move after the shocking United Nations Security Council non votes in December 2016, but why?  It's political suicide?  It makes no sense?

Unless he already took the Trump bait years earlier.  Hmmmmmmm.

Come on... admit it, Middle East peace is all suddenly lining up a little too easily now, exactly when bringing down BiBi in his country appears immanent?  Or am I the only one seeing automated this chess match play out?

If East Jerusalem doesn't go back to Palestine, all Arab nations have already said they will denounce Israeli's right to exist, and thus deny a two state solution and a war will break out.

This position is counter to not only the Arab world's best interests--but the United States, Russia, China, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iran... take your pick of 70 nations that all supported a two state solution in Paris this month.

But said one state hard line position on the surface appears really bad, if not catastrophic for Middle East peace--yet in truth, this is exactly what Russia, China and the Republic all wanted.

Thus conflict is big enough to justify bringing out all held back BiBi scandals against Netanyahu--who lets face it, loves villainous attention and controversy as much as cousin Donald Trump.  Oops, I should say do you think they're related?   I digress...

Not only would Netanyahu have a hard time keeping power in his own country by moving capitals, but the American public would demand Trump move away from all pro-Israel military funding positions because we've just come out of 15 years of war in the Middle East.

Besides the vast majority of citizens in ALL INTERESTED COUNTRIES wants a two state solution.  So what's Netanyahu really up to?   Negotiating leverage?  Maybe.  Or is he setting up Trump to look good right before his own disaster exit strategy is implemented by Wikileaks?

Dude, you've lost us.

No, no stay with me.

What if a diehard Zionist Trump has been captured and spun by Russia in 2013, and Netanyahu captured and spun by the Chinese long before the 2016 Presidential election?

Both could have been used to destroy the cabal from the inside out and permanently change US/Israeli policy to bring about peace to the Middle East?  Not a bad legacy and they both would be allowed to cash out large currency positions post RV.

Think about it... just when the Israeli/Palestine fever is burning at its highest flame, Russia suddenly dumps Trumps tax returns onto the Internet via Wikileaks.

Trump would have have to choose between support of Israel or his Presidency with the American people -- and get this -- and of courses he chooses America as a patriot which destroys the politics career of Netanyahu and allows Israeli citizens to throw the bum out and demand a new election.

Trump will look like a hero in Israel and New York only to be sued for unconstitutional business ethics and be forced to resign in favor of remaining a businessman, who can always say he was elected President of the United States.

Talk about art of the deal terms right?  Think of how much he could get per speaking engagement worldwide?

And if Trump doesn't feel like leaving, drink with his new found power, well the Russians will be happy to release that underage golden shower sex video that everyone in DC knows Putin has on Trump circa 2013.

Everyone in the beltway is shocked it hasn't come out already.  As it's the worst kept secrete in Washington.

That's why Trump is on a Russian and Chinese string--as they have him on tape with child prostitutes.

How many American presidents are pedophiles?

Actually -- all of them -- as it's the only way the dark nobility allows anyone to become president.  Some recently have also had to sacrifice their sex victim.

And you thought we were just waiting to convert on a currency redemption?

This kind of unthinkable satanic behavior from your esteemed leaders has been happening your entire lifetime.  And why I plead with everyone to wake the fuck up!

On a lighter note, post Trump in walks Congressional bible study leader VP Mike Pence, a die hard Israel supporter who restores faith in Congressional funding for Israel and affirms a common sense position on a two state Middle East peace solution with Tel Aviv remaining the capital of Israel and Jerusalem going back to Palestine.

Everyone is happy including Netanyahu and Trump--and off humanity goes for 1,000 years of peace and prosperity.

That folks is the definition of soft power as it slowly asserts itself from all angles like a loose noose steadily squeezing off Lucifer's oxygen until the beast falls over dead.

That was January 20, 2017.  What a...m...a...z...I...n...g... times we live in folks.

God is with us.