Sunday, January 22, 2017

Your Soul Is Up To Bat.... by 'One Who Knows'

Received via email from 'One Who Knows'........

Your Soul Is Up To Bat....

The bases are loaded and your soul is up to bat.  This game is to decide the Championship of the Universe.  To set the scene, the Light Workers Team "Peace & Prosperity" have been at this game for a long time.  It has been the Light Workers vs. the Cabal Team "Money & Power" again and again, year after year, and the Cabal have always won decisively. 

You want to talk about the Cub's dry years?  The Light Workers have NEVER won a Universe Championship in thousands and thousands of years.  If you want to know the truth, our evil opponents, the Cabal, have cheated, by rigging the game against us.  Of course that is what evil people do, cheat.   They used EVERY trick in the book to defeat us.

#1) They took control of all the powers that be, and all that influences us.  Politics, Media, Entertainment, Education, Religion, and Sports were all used to Influence, condition, and control us.  We were literally drowning in the Cabal Propaganda of you are week, you are a sinner, you need the government to save you, you must worry about disease, terrorism, and war. 

#2) They were literally the biggest drug dealers in the World.  They used the CIA and other government agencies to produce the illegal drugs, and legal drugs, and then introduce them to our youth, and poor, and then used the police to prosecute the drug users. 

#3) Between the over taxation, and the rampant drug use, the resulting crime problem created yet another destructive force among our people. 

#4) Rampant increase in disease, and ill health, and then the limited access to the medicines and health care needed to overcome the diseases and ill health that was perpetrated against us by the Cabal team.

#5) Constant war kept us on edge and in fear.  Our youth sent off to their deaths fighting against an enemy created by the evil Cabal team, who has funded every war from both sides.  Here we were, brain washed into believing that we had foreign enemies, and the other countries were convinced that we were their enemy so that we would spend our energy and send our youth to their deaths for no reason what so ever. 

#6) Then the most powerful tactic the Cabal have ever unleashed against a normally peaceful people, divisiveness.  Pit one group against another.  Blacks vs. the whites, Hispanics vs. the whites, religions vs. other religions, women vs. Trump, Democrats vs. Republicans, Independents vs. Both Democrats & Republicans, Establishment vs. non establishment, Blacks vs. Blue (Police), poor vs. rich, heterosexual vs. homosexual, countries vs. other countries for jobs and industry, Educated vs. non educated, Citizens vs. immigrants, communism vs. capitalism, legals vs. illegals, and the list goes on and on and on and on.  The saddest sight of all, is to see our beloved Light Workers calling our other Light Workers and fighting against each other.  The Cabal propaganda machine and Troll network is so insidious that our best team members, the ones with the most promise to defeat the Cabal, the ones who hold the light no matter what, are enticed into fighting against their own. 

We Got So Close That One Year

I remember that one game back in 2001.  For the first time, we had gotten a few hits and had men on base.  NESARA was on Third Base, and the Republic was on Second base.  The Light Worker Generals were up to bat.  Little did the World know that game was even in play.  Our team was about to win a victory for the Light.  The paperwork was being handled on one of the top floors of the World Trade centers, the benevolent Generals were in the pentagon preparing to implement the Republic, when all of a sudden, the ball field was hit by one explosion after another.  When it was all over, the game field had been so damaged and the destruction so immense, that the game would have to be postponed for a long time.  The Cabal cheated as they always do, and rather than admitting defeat, they just blew up all the players, and our team was decimated. 

It wasn't the only time we were on base however.  While I do not have all the history of the "Game," I do also remember a time that we were close when Kennedy was President.  I guess that was before the Cabal team of "Money & Power" had totally corrupted every politician at every level of Government.

Since Then

Frankly, I don't know of a time that the Light workers even got a hit since that 2001 game, much less got anyone on base.  I know that we have attempted to field a team, only to find out that our team was infected (Infiltrated) with Cabal henchmen intent on sabotaging the Light Workers in the name of their God "Money & Power."   

Fast Forward To Now

Here we are in 2017, and we are finally at the Universal Championship Game again.  We have our team "Peace & Prosperity" full of Light Workers, and a game plan.  But, a lot has happened since that last game that held such promise back in 2001. Let's review what has been accomplished.

#1) Nuclear weapons have been neutralized, the Cabal underground command centers have been blown up.  This keeps them from being able to blow up the game field anymore.  This is a very big deal and has been accomplished by our friends in "High" places.  This intervention was a "Fair Play" since the Cabal Team "Money & Power" had an unfair advantage with all the weapons of mass destruction on their side. 

#2) We had Cabal defectors who joined the side of Light and Truth.  They were such people as Snowden, Wiki Leaks, and others who began to reveal very damaging information from the Cabal ranks.  This inside information refuted the Mainstream Media's accounts of World events and brought in to question the true motives of our leaders.  The sleeping public who had been a non factor in the game began to wake up and cheer for their home team "Peace & Prosperity."  These leaks proved so damaging to team "Money & Power," that they were unable to control the narrative and spin of their actions.

#3) In the last Cabal Election cycle, we managed to field a candidate of our own, Trump, who took down the mightiest of the Cabal candidates with a bit of help of both the information leakers, and the swelling public support for change.  Some say, that our candidate Trump was once Cabal, or that he was forced to work for team "Peace & Prosperity."  In this case, it doesn't matter.  All that matters is that we have taken control of our Government, or at least the USA corporation.

#4) We can't forget that we have the Military on our side.  Back in the game of 2001, we had top Officers on our side but, the vast majority of the enlisted soldiers had no idea what was going on and some were still unwittingly playing for team Cabal.  But, now, as I understand it, all have been given a choice to choose team Light, or be dealt with accordingly.  To my knowledge, all of our military are now on our side, working for the Light.

#5) Let us not forget, that we have created a second government with the help of our true friends, China and Russia, and it has been funded by our sponsors the Chinese Elders.  They have paid all of our bills to field this new team and restore our Republic as a functioning representatives of the People, team "Peace & Prosperity."

In short, we have never been this close and any better situated for a legitimate win over the Cabal and everything they stand for, than we are right now.  We have fought hard, and held the light when all seems hopeless, through generations of past lives, just to be positioned at this most opportune place and time in history.  This is a battle our forefathers fought for, and each and every generation has added momentum to this "Cause" until we are now on the verge of success.  But, success of what?  What Exactly is the Game?  Only when you answer those questions, can you understand our next move.  The RIGHT move.

Yes The 800#s Are Important, But That's Not The Game

Sure, this game that we are in, means a lot to you, the physically incarnated, Light Worker.  BUT, you have no idea what it means to the Universe and all of creation.  I realize that all we can see is the short term, the small picture of what is going on.  For us, it is the 800#s and money in the bank.  Yes, we can "justify" our desperate want/need for the money to help our personal situations and of course, help the others on our planet.  Yes, that sounds like a GREAT BIG DEAL, and seems to make sense in the game, but it is NOT.   THAT IS NOT THE GAME.  However, I don’t blame you for thinking that way.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  I get it.  let me give you the bigger picture.

This Game Has Importance

When the game is over, you will get your precious 800#s, and money in the bank and will go about your Humanitarian projects, bla, bla, bla, which sound so important to you now, in this lifetime.  But, let me ask you "What does the Universe Get? What do all of your past lifetimes get? What do other civilizations yet to come get? What does this win mean?"

Now we are talking!  Clearly, a game that is played over the centuries, and for thousands of years, is NOT about the money we get in our current incarnation.  How could it be?  It is so easy to see that the whole universe is not on a mission for us to get rich and be busy little bees helping the hungry, homeless, and Earth get well.  That matters BUT that is not the game.  Everyone on Earth could die, and we would just reincarnate again in a better place and time.  So what am I really saving.... In the Big Picture?  The REAL and ONLY Answer is WHAT THE GAME MEANS AND IS ALL ABOUT, and when you get that, you get it all!

The Meaning Of The Multi-Thousand Year Game

O.K. here we go.  The game is about Light triumphing over Dark by using its greatest weapon... LOVE.  This game was set into motion thousands of years ago, for one reason and one reason only, to make a point that Love always wins in the end, that Light eventually, and inevitably overcomes Dark.   It proves once and for all, to every soul in the Universe that Love is all there is and will overcome even the most evil that could have been imagined and created.  Make no mistake, evil was a creation for this game of Love vs. Fear, Light vs. Dark.

So to answer your question who gets what, we get the money and are able to experience the fruits of the win by helping others.  The Universe gets the satisfaction, and proof that Love is invincible, that it overcomes even the most evil among us.  That is what the Universe wants to see, PROOF that LOVE wins in the end.  They don’t get your precious money, they couldn't care less about money, that pathetic Cabal creation of control.  They want to be front and center to see Love win over Fear.  Even your soul, who has played this game for thousands of years, wants to see that it was worth it.  Your soul will feel the joy of knowing that it is true, that LOVE triumphs over Fear, every time, eventually and always, in the end.  BUT, what is the proof?  What is a Win?

This Game Has History

This game Good vs. Evil, had been going on way before your life now, and in fact probably a thousand of your lifetimes.  It only has one point, one meaning, one purpose, and that is to prove Love wins in the end, that fear has no power, and will eventually succumb to Love and the Light in the end.  That is the point. That is the game.

Here Is The Situation

After thousands of years, and countless generations of our forefathers (and Foremothers), and even a HUGE delay of game in 2001, we are finally back at the ball field where we are to find out once and for all times, who is the true power house of this and all Universes, Evil, Hate and Fear, or Love, Peace and Prosperity.  It is the final inning, and the bases are loaded.  We have the GCR on third ready to make a run for home plate.  We have NESARA  and the Republic on second base waiting for the GCR to make its move, and Just arriving on First base is Disclosure.  The fact that disclosure is even on the team wanting to score was due to the continuing intel leaks, the greatest of which just recently came from the CIA itself. 

Your Light Worker Soul is at bat.  What is the play?  This my friends, is the crux of this entire post.  We are so close to the win.  We have prepared for this final show down for generations, just to make a point that Love wins in the end.  From here, we only need one great move for a Grand slam where, one by one, everything we have wanted, comes home, and becomes reality, the GCR, the Republic/NESARA, and finally complete Disclosure to bring us into the new age of a thousand years of peace and prosperity.  This final game of the Light vs. the Dark, has the most viewers of any game in the history of the Universe.  Everything we and our fellow Light Workers have given their lives for over thousands of years, comes down to this. 

The Little League Perspective

From a little league perspective, we are the kids on the field, the players who have been practicing for this game of games for generations.  We have done all this ourselves.  When we are at bat and get a hit, it is our hit, our win, our success, and our victory.  The benevolent powers, such as Ashtar Command and other "Outsiders," could intervene and play the game for us, but, it is so easy to see, that is not the purpose.  Even Prime Creator, the umpire could intervene on the side of the Light Workers, but, that is not "Winning" is it? It is not the Win.... it is the Winning, and that is a BIG DIFFERENCE.  The parents could play the game and win for the kids.  One way of getting the win, is satisfying to the soul and PROVES a very important point, and the other way, of getting intervention by Prime Creator, is satisfying to the ego now, but proves nothing in the end. 

Here Is The Issue

When we win this game, we win for the Universe, for Love, for Peace & Prosperity.  And Frankly, we have done this on our own, with some assistance which balances out the assistance the Cabal had.  It is still a fair game, and we are poised for a fair win for all.  This win SETTLES the mater for all time. 

But are we really considering wasting all of the efforts of all the Light Workers throughout history?  Are we really calling on Prime Creator to intervene in the biggest and most important game in the history of the Universe?  If he steps in and freezes Free Will rendering the Cabal helpless to stop us, is that "Winning," or is that just getting what we "the incarnated" want, at the loss of what Our Universal Brothers and Sisters want? 

Remember, they don't give a crap about money, they don't use it or need it.  They care about the LEGITIMATE triumph of the Light over the Dark, Love over Fear, Good over Evil.  Do we really FEAR that we can't beat the Cabal fair and square?  If so, then fear wins the game even if we get our money.  How sad for those watching us in our moment of glory.... 

Here Is  Tip For You

THE LIGHT DOES NOT NEED AN INTERVENTION TO WIN.  We have gotten to the very end of this game and we are playing for way more than money, Humanitarian projects, and Earth herself.  We are here in this time in history playing for the Light, for the good of all Mankind, Earth, and the entire Universe.  We are here to make a point, not to get money.  What good is money going to do for all those who have gone before us and even lost their lives?  What good is money going to do for our Galactic friends who are watching us play this game?  Here is a TIP: DON’T SELL OUT FOR MONEY, HOLD THE LIGHT UNTIL THE JOB IS DONE.  

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that our view of this whole matter is distorted.  No matter how much longer this takes, be it months (I don't believe this), Weeks (I don’t believe this either, but would still be O.K.), days or hours (I think this is more like it), it will happen and we will triumph over Evil, Light will overcome Fear, and be on full display for the entire Universe to witness (And Enjoy). 

Frankly, if you look at the very big picture, we have already traveled a million miles, and we have but an inch to go.  We are so close that we can see the result right in front of us.  Can't you see the GCR is fully in progress?  Can't you see that Trump has been inaugurated and without incident?  Didn't you hear his speech is full of Republic and Disclosure clues?  Don't you see that it is at the end of the ride, no matter what little bit is left? You are a Light Worker, Get Your Perspective Right.

Your job, the one that you are getting paid Trillions for, is to hold your energy in the positive, expectant point of view to help us move the World past the point of no return.  Frankly, I am sure we are long past that point, but, what good are you as a Light Worker if you don’t hold the Light?  That is why you have been given all this inside information so you can feel good about what is coming.  You have been given ample evidence, way more than is needed, to prove to you that this is happening.  It is your Job to believe in the plan, and expect that Peace and Prosperity wins in the end.  We are not just holding the light to get money and freedom for our selves, it is win with Love, for the sake of all those in the Universe, who want to see Love triumph.

I, for one, am NOT excited about Prime Creator pulling the No Free Will card.  We are better than that.  It is so ridiculous to be about to cross the finish line legitimately, and call for Prime Creator to freeze everyone else.  Frankly, if we stopped turning on each other, we probably would have been done by now.  BUT NO................ We bicker about unimportant things and let our light go out.  Who is to blame?  The Cabal for getting you mad, or you for not being able to hold your light anyway?

The Point? Let's do this already!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are almost there... Act like it.  Hold the intention that we are at the end and nothing can stop it now.  Ignore those who fear and say the sky is falling.  That is what Light Workers Do.  That is called "Holding the Light."  

May We Overcome Fear With Love, an Show The Universe How It's Done!

Signed: One Who Knows