Friday, March 31, 2017

"Are You Worthy?" - One Who Knows - 3.31.17

Are You Worthy?

I hear people talking about being worthy, and if they are or not, and frankly, there is no such designation.

We are all God-Creators, doing things in different ways, adding our experiences to the whole of the Universe. Some are the helpers and others are the helped (This time), and together we make up the entire experience from all sides. 

There is as much value in the one who is being helped as in the one who is helping, for if there were no one to help, the helper would not be able to have the experience of helping another. Likewise, if there were no helper, there would be no experience of being helped. You got the part you got because you wanted to play the giver, others wanted to play the receiver, and both are wonderful experiences, and parts. Neither part is complete without the other part. 

In the much bigger picture, none of this is real, so nothing is really done or accomplished. However, plenty is learned and experienced, and distilled into wisdom, the most valuable outcome of the entire life experience. 

In a Hollywood movie, is the one who plays the king any more important than the one who plays the court jester? When the movie is over, and the "Actors" go home, ascend, was there really anything "done and accomplished?" Or was it just an experience for the sake of experience? 

Does the one who played the King, get to move up in line at the grocery store while the one who played the jester has to get at the end of the line? No, of course not. Outside of the "Play" we are all equal, all worthy, all God-Creators in this cosmic play. 

The Life Review

As a side note, when the time comes that we have our life review, we get to experience every moment in our lives from both our parts, and from the view point of those we interacted with, both good and bad. In that moment, we get to feel the joy of giving, and at the same time feel the joy from the others receiving point of view.

However, if you think about it, while we are still in our physical form, we get to be the receiver (From the gifts of the Elders) and then get to experience being the giver as well, a double treat of experience and wisdom.

But, worthy? No such thing, not in this Universe. It is only creation and experience, becoming wisdom in the end. Besides, if there is anyone to thank here, it is yourself for choosing this part and setting up the circumstances of your life to put you in this place at this time for this reason, and this experience. Enjoy! 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that being "Worthy" was a control concept and creation of the Cabal. They were the ones who told us that we were born sinners. Nothing could be further from the truth. We Are ALL God-Creators, playing wonderful parts helping each other learn together. To say that one is "Worthy" is to say that another is not, and that is untrue. No matter the parts we are playing, ALL are personal choices, for personal reasons. In that regard, EVERY PART is extremely Worthy, as it serves our personal life plan, and chosen path perfectly.

While we will experience one side of the experience now in physical form, we will get the other half of the experience during the Life review. Think about that when you do things for others, for as they feel the joy of your gifts and Love now, you will one day experience what they felt for yourself, they joy you have given others. 

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows