Monday, March 13, 2017

James Gilliland Update -RV/GCR, Chemtrails, Archons, Illuminati, Trump - March 11, 2017

PathWalker Says:

James is reporting disclosure, earth history, human history....

- Chemtrails and its source
- Financial reset spiritual background
- Archonic influence history
- Human and exopolitics history
- The reincarnation Archonic grid/net
- History of the Illuminati
- The current soul independence war
- We are in a world of opposites and divergence
- Trump is assisted and protected by ET
- The female energy return balance
- People are awakening with unity conscious
- Call for self discern
- Open lines and questions - Dragon entities
- Chemtrail protection products and technology
- Big foot and ET report

Published on Mar 13, 2017
* There is some sort of hum on James audio from Saturday night. Sorry about the irritation, I hope it's manageable! The term esoteric is being used here to denote occulted or hidden.., below the surface propaganda (sold by those that own the media, or work in subversive ways to make problems, evoke emotions and trauma, and then offer their solutions. All of these solutions serving the goals of the fallen Anunnaki / "Angels" / Pre-Adamites / Illuminati / Matrix Keeper's / Archons). I think I can safely speak for James by saying the actual solution is to get some quite time in to sit with ones thoughts and dig the mind out from under the programming we were born into and recover the Heart & Soul out from the trauma! Taking things at face value is actually a dangerous place to keep the mind. It's dangerous to the group, humanity, the children whom slip away under "the curtain" or cover-ups, and dangerous to us. Everyone needs to focus, study, and bravely open up to our collective shadow and join humanity in this absolutely novel time of dimensional shift and healing.

What the heck is Reset (GCR, NESARA)?
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Perry Mills - Anu Nnaki
Nephilim Giants - Gary Wayne - Freeman Fly
James - Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligences presentation
The Multi=dimensonal Journey Back to God - Law of One / Ra
Pedophilia and Sacrifice (Pizzagate) & Trump in danger
* Titus Frost
* Robert David Steele
* Reverse Speech analysis
Rosanne's pro Jeff Sessions tweet
What Are Spiritual Contracts/Agreements???

Thank you, James!
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