Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Keshe Technologies & Production Update from Dr. Richard Presser [video]

Keshe Technologies & Production Update from Dr. Richard Presser [video]

I haven’t done an update for some time despite the fact that Richard Presser sends weekly emails now to customers. Richard is in Rome at the moment at the Keshe Conference getting first-hand updates for us on these exciting technologies.

Yes, there are other similar products on the market, I’m told, but Richard is a trusted friend and I KNOW that what he tells me is true, and that is the only reason I share his information and where to obtain these products. My intention is not to share the list of places where folks can find similar ones. I will only share my personal experiences with people I know and trust. I have worked with Richard in various capacities over many years and vouch for his authenticity.

Richard and I want to ensure that everything is out in the open, that there is no misrepresentation about what the Keshe products do or don’t do, and that the production delays are tracked and progress shared.

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