Friday, March 17, 2017

Merging Timelines, Merging Selves by Victoria1111

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My mate and I recently had a conversation where he said I seemed to be a different version than who I was when he met me.  This went beyond the normal “people change over time”.  This went much deeper.
I contemplated that for awhile and then tonight, I received an understanding of just what he said.  It began by thinking about my mate and who he is today.  I too suddenly felt – and could see – that I was seeing a new version of him being born into fruition.  A merging, I felt.
I then began to think about the concept of merging timelines and heard “your Higher Selves are merging.”
Hmmm.  I had to let that one percolate within for a bit.  Here is what my Inner Self shared.
It has long been my belief that the Reincarnation Loop is just another layer of the Matrix.  When we leave our bodies, the White Light is an artificially generated/created energy state of artificial bliss.  Or, as my late friend John said, “When you die don’t go to the light.  It’s an alien with a flashlight.”  Not too far from the truth.

The beings we see can morph into anything we believe we will be seeing upon our death. Jesus.  Buddha.  A dog from the past.  Family member(s). Etc. Etc.  The whole thing is a farce from the life review to the “now let’s talk about karma and what you learned”.  On and on until we are “lovingly” – through a lot of clever manipulation – told it is time to return.  Then the amnesia energy code is inserted and we’re right back in the loop again.
We are Sovereign Beings and as such, a Sovereign Being gets to choose the experience – whatever it is we wish to experience – from the authentic state of Pure Creation.  We don’t need another Being telling us what to do.  We don’t need states of amnesia put into us.
None of this supports Freedom.  It isn’t of Love.  And it sure doesn’t respect Sovereignty.
The dark ones have controlled this cycle for eons.  Why?  They feed on our lower vibrational energy of fear.  Just like the Matrix – we are food for these assholes.
What is happening now, however, with the incoming energies from the Central Sun, is allowing the break-down of those lower vibrational frequencies while bringing in the necessary protons and neutrons and tachyons to raise the vibrational frequencies for all Life.  This is leading to a merging of our Higher Selves, which have been fragmented due to the endless trauma’s we have been experiencing by being a part of life on planet 3D earth and the reincarnation cycle.  This fragmentation also leads to more food for the dark ones.  To sum it up: with each fragmentation of our Higher Self due to trauma, this has lead to our higher self being in multiple versions of you.  Parallel realities.
Such a process of merging is slow going, as those of us who are aware of this process will attest.  And it can cause some confusion, hence the need for this to be slow-going.
I have had moments recently where I look in the mirror and I “feel” different. I feel like a stranger to myself in a way.  I even feel I “look” different.  I can’t explain it.  It’s just a feeling.  And there are times I look at myself and wonder “who am I?”  This isn’t one of those esoteric, philosophical questions.  This is me questioning in a literal nature.  Who are you, girl?
Hard to wrap my mind around.  But this is what came through me on this 16th day of March, 2017.
If that’s really the correct calendar date.
But that’s another matrix moment piece for another day.
Shine on, beautiful Souls.