Saturday, March 11, 2017

Satanic Ritual Abuse From #Hampstead to #Pizzagate – Ella Draper’s Plea For JUSTICE

The ‘Free The Hampstead 2′ campaign is dedicated to securing the freedom of Alisa and Gabriel, the courageous brother and sister from Hampstead, London, England, who were unlawfully kidnapped in order to silence them after their testimonies revealing the inner workings of State Sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programs shocked millions of internet viewers.

Support ‘Free The Hampstead 2′ campaign and help return Alisa and Gabriel to their family.

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Ella Draper's Children Witness Statement About Satanic Ritual Abuse.....

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DIG! Two children speak about satanic/pedophile ring, mention Pizza Express - Has a childrens "teaching" program

Videos of a boy and a girl confess killing babies, cutting their heads off, drinking blood, cooking them and eating. This is direct evidence.

CANNIBALISM PRACTICES BY THE ELITES: Hampstead child tells local MC Donald's and Starbucks in-would.