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Two New Articles by "One Who Knows" - Understanding The GCR Energy Shift & How To Develop Your Psychic Communication Ability by Using Resonance"

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Understanding The GCR Energy Shift

It is easy to think of this GCR as a simple Financial event, but it is far more than that. In fact, it is so HUGE that not only will your bank account "Feel" the change, so will every person (Being) on Earth. I want you to REALLY understand the big picture of the "Impact" of this financial event. This post is going to be extremely profound, and will forever change your view of this GCR event.

The Meaning-Fate Connection

To understand what is about to happen, we need to clearly understand that Meaning and Fate are Cause and Effect. Facts have no impact on the future, only Meaning does because only meaning vibrates and thus creates/elicits the Future. Since Meaning dictates the future by creating what is meant (By Meaning) to be, then is easy to realize that Meaning creates Fate, what is meant to be. If Meaning changes, fate changes. Simple as that.

The Placebo Example

The example I like to use over and over again is one that has been well documented and proves this Meaning-Fate relationship. In short, the man had advanced cancer with orange size tumors all over his body and was expected to die in a matter of days. To be clear: Having Advanced stage 4 Cancer such as he had, MEANS, death in a few days at most. His Fate then is death in a few days. Death was MEANT to be, and so it would be. 

Meaning's Resulting Fate "Cascades" into the Future

However, what I have not talked about before is that other's fate was also involved in and effected by his meaning. When he died, his kids would no longer spend time with him. They would be getting his inheritance, and splitting up his belongings and might even move away as a result of his death. 

So this Meaning of certain death in days was very "Meaning-Full" which simply means FULL OF MEANING(s). It meant changes in his life and changes in lots of other people's lives as well. That is the cascading nature of Meaning. One thing means something else, which means something else, on and on into the future. Naturally, good "Working Out" meanings, or bad "Not Working Out" meanings create a fate that impacts the near and distant future alike.

Fate Was Changed

In our example the cancer patient was told that he was given an injection of a miracle cure drug, so he was cured and cancer free in 10 days. The injection was only water, but we know that facts have no influence on the Future/Fate, only meaning does. So getting that injection MEANT that he would be cured and live, because it was meant to be (Some call this the placebo effect, but it is really the Meaning Effect). When he changed his meaning to now Meant To Live, his Fate was literally re-written, and changed for the better. Importantly, not only was his fate changed, but all those people whose lives were going to be altered by his death and his will, were changed as well. Now, there would be NO inheritance, no life insurance, but instead they would have the company of their loved one instead. There will now be more birthday parties, fishing trips, time spent with the grand kids, in short, a way different fate.

If The GCR Were Just A Financial Matter

If the GCR was just a financial matter and the cabal were still in charge, its Meaning and impact on Fate would be much different. Sure it would make some of us rich and we might even impact the economy as well. But soon there would be taxes, and bank claw backs and it would be diminished greatly. It would be meaning-full, BUT not that FULL. In short it would mean a lot of things but not really big things relatively speaking. Fate would be changed, but not by much.

The GCR MEANS Everything!

But that is NOT the case. When the GCR actually goes Live, which it has been trying to do for years, it will mean a lot. It will be HUGELY Meaning-Full, jammed packed full of meaning. When the GCR goes Live, it will mean that war is over forever. It will mean that you will be rich and that everyone you will impact is going to have their life improved. It means that The gold Backed dollar will no longer be manipulated and that jobs will show up all over the World. It means that NESARA and GESARA will be on their way to give every person in the World more than enough money to quench their lack forever. It means new technologies, free energy, environmental cleanup, flying cars and travel to the Stars. It will mean perfect health for all including missing limbs growing back. It will mean the beginning of the new age and most importantly, it will mean that it is NOW UNSTOPPABLE. 

The World's Fate Will Be Re-Written All At Once

Not only will your Fate be forever changed, but so will the Fate of EVERY SINGLE LIFE FORM ON THIS PLANET be changed and re-written. Not only us on this Planet, but all the other civilizations we will now be interacting with. The entire World and every other Star nation will be effected and have a changed Fate all at once, when this actually goes live. 

Known & Un-Known

You will have your fate changed instantly, and be well aware of what that "Means" to you and the World. BUT, even those who are living under a bridge, with missing arms or legs, who have no home and are hungry most of the time, even their Fate will change in that instant as well. What once was their Fate, has in that exact moment Changed for the better and they don’t even know it. A wonderful life now lies in their very near future, just days, weeks, or months away. Every Fate will be re-written in that exact moment, when this goes live.

Expect A Feeling

Contrary to what most people think, Feelings are Not "Causal" in that they do not cause anything to happen. They are "Indicators" of the meaning that is in force. When the cancer guy thought he was going to die, he felt bad, because that meaning of dying soon, gives off (manifests) a bad feeling. However, when he changed the meaning to going to live, that meaning felt GREAT! Naturally, the more something means (More Meaning-Full) the stronger is the feeling good or bad. Life and Death matters have great meaning, thus they are not only very meaning-full, they have great emotions manifested as well.

Naturally, the Bigger the Meaning (More Meaning-full), the greater the change in Fate and also the more powerful is the resulting Feelings as well. That would mean that as HUGE as the GCR is, and what it MEANS to the World and everyone here, there should be a huge Great Feeling that sweeps across the World as well.

A Technical Matter

You might be wondering how a person's Fate can be re-written if they are not holding a meaning that supports that new fate. The answer is "eligibility." Here is the definition:

Eligibility is the boundaries of your experience. If you expect only great things to happen for you, then you are only eligible for that kind of experience. That means that your Fate can only include great outcomes and experiences. But if you see all the people getting sick and killed on TV, and know people who die from accidents and misfortune, then you believe in it, and thus are eligible for it as well. That means you could get hit by a bus or die of cancer and it was "within" your meanings (Fate) for that to happen to you.

So in our example of the guy living under the bridge and every other life form on the planet, they all have a hope for things to get better for them. While that hope is tiny, it hardly ever has the ability to manifest. Their belief in misfortune is way more than their belief in good fortune. However, in this case, this HUGE energy shift from the GCR and all it means, will cause the tiniest bit of hope to manifest into full reality. So it is their eligibility for good fortune, no matter how small it is, that allows them to have their fate improved in this way. 

However, by contrast, those who hold no hope at all in a better future, who have basically no eligibility, will have already died, or in some way won't make it to the good times. This is not a bad thing exactly, just a life path concluding as planned, no more and no less.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the GCR is way more than a financial event, as it means that the new age will happen and soon. Once it actually starts, it is the end of the Cabal, and the beginning of everything good in the World. That is why the Cabal have done everything they could do to stop it. They know that once that switch is flipped, the energy signature and Fate of the World and every life on it will be changed instantly. That HUGE Meaning will not only cause huge changes in Fate, but will give off (Manifest) a good feeling that will be unmistakable. People will just start feeling better and they won’t even know why. Of course, we will know why and it will be even stronger for us for that reason. Because this GCR event is that important to the World and its energy signature, that is why it has taken so long to get it going. It HAS TO START PERFECTLY THIS TIME. But, as it turns out, it will be perfect this time and it is about to happen any minute now. Will you feel your fate changing right before your eyes right when the switch is flipped? It is a good possibility! ;-)

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


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How To Use Your God Power - Audio Book CD