Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Enough" - Geopolitical Overview - Sunday - April 30, 2017

How can there possibly be enough?

Enough money, enough gold, enough coordination, enough political will... have you heard these questions recently?

If so, you're knee deep into the GCR/RV.

They're all good questions.  All deserving of logical and professional answers.

However, before we begin, let's first start at the end with a simple test of faith.

Do you believe God is not going to let His creation, His planet, His species just die out?  Is their a recur or reset in our collective human future?

If yes, continue reading.  In not, you're right--there's not enough and never will be enough.

Thanks for playing our little game. You may go back to your life.   Best of luck with Trump.

Because whether you accept or deny belief in a benevolent God, you'll be right.

In fact, whatever you believe will  determine your personal experience in this lifetime and dimension.

Ever hear the expression "your attitude determines your altitude?"

Well, what you believe most certainly generates what you receive... especially at your upcoming currency redemption appointment.

And sovereign rates... well, don't even go there.  ZIM at a final T1 holding value of $125,000 USN... stop.

Yosef you're just flat out loco.  "Plain cream cheese mashuggana," as Bubbie Martha would say.

But that's what I believe.  So that's what I have prepared for.  And that is the reality I believe I shall receive.

The universe could care less who Yosef is or isn't, only whether my vibration matches this specific pulse of abundance.

So I ask,  does enough exist for you?

What if faith is a bigger part of acquiring ancient wisdom than knowledge.

What if mastering the ability to pull something from nothing--without evidence--is vibrational currency that accumulates in your soul's spiritual account to spend at some specific moment and time in the future?

That would make one's imagination more valuable than one's history.

And therefore a great challenge would be presented to either create into the future versus regurgitating from the past.

What an epic choice we all must make?  And in every moment.

Fiction over fact.  Or is fact just fiction believed?  I get confused.

It scares most people who do not wrestle with infinite to believe in endless resources available to them from spirit not form.... at all times... eternally.

Such love... unconditional and perfect... is my understanding of Christ.  That's His  Consciousness--where everything existing comes from nothing.

It's such a challenge to keep asking God for more wisdom... more knowledge... more health... more grace... more period.

Yet we welcome every breath.  Where does hat come from?  Can you see oxygen?  Or do you just believe it's there in an infinite amount whenever you need it?

See what I mean?

I believe God only knows enough because He has created everything from nothing.  So what can't we?  Better yet, is there any other way?

Patience, sadly, is also in short supply as it relates to the modern man.  Yes, technology is a wonderful tool, but it erodes one's ability to relax into a pure state of manifestation.

Modern medicine claims this is science or A.D.D., I just call it lack of faith in what can never be proven.

Some things are just so (sobeit).

Though if ever you combine the two, faith and patience, and add a little action, you have the ingredients for grace.

This too is just so (sobeit).

Yet deny any one and your by default limiting the universe through your own beliefs.  As there will never be enough of anything you do not truly believe in.  Ever.

Only when we are sincerely ready (faith), willing (patience) and able (action) does manifestation occur without limitation and instantly ... i.e. the definition of enough manifested.

Was this the answer you were looking for?

Or would you prefer to know how the collateral accounts (5,000 years of mined precious rare earth assets) are collateralizing the rare earth elements of the (unmined precious earth assets), which collateralizes the new Chinese financial system (global currencies, bonds and market/banking instruments of trade/credit), which guarantees your fiat currency exchange redemption fee (in any amount so desired), to hydrate the entire world's population survival, growth and ascension needs in the blink of an eye (grace).

Yup, the Chinese Elders never actually pay you for your currency, they instead credit you on their system with hard assets they benevolently have "kept for humanity." For hundreds of. It thousands of years.

Actually, they too generate a credit (in percentage) against all the assets that are transacting on their own system.  Pay yourself first right!

Meaning, there is really no money... just faith in a system of finance.  And if that's the case, then how much you believe in the benevolence of this system determines your value to them in relationship to humanity.

Do you have enough belief to lead the world is a better question that you should be answering right about now?

Do you believe this synopsis?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But for me, it's so true it streams tears from my eyes in less than a blink.

God asks only that we be ready, willing and able when it's our turn to declare our belief in Him, whomever controls or creates this new financial system.

How much of His love you trust exists is 100% dependent upon your personal belief level in God.  IMHO.

Because whether you believe there's enough wealth to cover your deepest desires or not, you're right.

God is with us.