Saturday, April 8, 2017

Where I Am And Who I Am Today by Victoria1111

All of this angst and purging I have been doing recently has served a purpose, even if I wasn’t wanting or willing to admit it at the time.  Yes, not knowing anything for sure, not being able to SEE much less PROVE what I feeeeel in my body is Truth and what I desire to be occurring is a challenge for sure.  I want to know Truth.  I want to see Truth.  Now. Not someday.

I keep coming back to the same words:  I Create My Own Reality.

Just how far does that power expand?  I am only beginning to see.

Again, this is just for myself.  The only advice I could ever give someone in this area is to BELIEVE in the thoughts of your Higher Self and Heart ~ especially those ones that don’t go away AND the ones that make you feel HOPE.

Yesterday as I said was one hell of a challenge, at least the first 3/4 of it.  I was on the couch, unable to function.  Having had more or less a week of such a state of being, I surrendered to the experience and just let myself feel like crap.

After I rested, I decided to do some internet research, see if I could come up with anything for the site.  As what often happens, many of the pieces I find, some I post and others I don’t, have a message for me at that time.

Yesterday was no exception.

I kept seeing the theme that I Create My Own Reality (or as I also tell myself ~ I have far more Power than I own and admit).  And I also saw something powerful – that when I focus on all of the things that happened to me, I am living in the past.  As I read – I am focusing on what happenED.  That stuck with me.  It spoke the necessary words my wounded heart and ego needed to hear.

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