Monday, May 29, 2017

9/11 ~ Remembering My Personal Experience and a Message For This Memorial Day Weekend by Victoria1111

Hands, Teamwork, Team-Spirit, Cheer Up

I don’t know why I am choosing to write this up ~ it’s just an intuitive feeling.  It’s something that just came to me as I am enjoying a highly unusual quiet/alone time (child and mate out of the house). As fellow truth-seeker Kauilapele says on his blog, he follows his intuition, his right-brain.  Not much into “data” (in spite of his science background), he now follows the promptings of his heart.  That too has been my overall focus with this site.  So why question it that suddenly I have a memory from 9/11.

And as often the case, I have no idea where this is going to lead or how it will end.

The 9/11 memory I am sharing is what I chose to paint on the front window of the house.  I remember feeling so deeply moved watching the rest of the world mourn for us ~ especially in those parts of the world that see civil war and violence on a daily basis.  The fact that these beautiful people would take time away from their OWN suffering and show such concern and grief for us was deeply humbling, especially knowing most of us here in the States (including myself) didn’t particularly pay much mind to their daily sufferings of such violence.

After 9/11, some here in the states, including some within our family, opted for the ego-centric “Rah Rah America/God Loves America First” thought train.  At first it pissed me off.  I have always been, by nature, one who has disdain for conflict and longs to see Unity.  I have the ability to see the varying sides of conflict and remain neutral while offering up solutions for All.  (I laugh as my Higher Self reminds me as long as the conflict doesn’t involve me personally.  That is where the struggle still is but I am evolving and healing in this area.)

So after a trip up north to visit family and seeing the “God Bless America” painting on their window, I decided to do something.

Source doesn’t “bless” one country more than any other, just like Source doesn’t “bless” any one of us over another.  I hadn’t really thought about it that way before, not until the events of that time.  Certainly I hadn’t given it much consideration.

So upon returning home, I got out my acrylic paints and painted “Bless Humanity ~ Every Single One Of Us” then added rainbows and hearts. Interestingly enough I had no comments on it, except for one:  “what does that mean?”

So I shared my thoughts on Unity and got the “look”.  Little did I know, as 9/11 sparked in me the biggest so far of my awakenings, that “look” would become quite the norm whenever I opened my mouth to share the thoughts of my heart.

Perhaps it is appropriate to end this piece in this manner.  As we here in the States celebrate the Memorial Day Holiday, which is the honoring of those Veterans who served and died while in the military, let us also include the same intention to Honor All Life.

Every Single One Of Us.