Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Boogieman" & "First Wave" - Yosef Updates - Wednesday - May 31, 2017 5

"First Wave" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - May 31, 2017

HSBC is overseeing all global exchanges for the Chinese Elders and repurchasing all  revaluing currencies from Tier 1 world banks in more than 70 different countries.

Exchange packages with 800# instructions are ready tonight with disbursal operatives now awaiting orders to deliver we understand sometime between early Wednesday morning through Thursday evening market close.

This is the optimal global release window because all banks are open.  We also understand the release process is now automated.  Meaning, the NPTB made the decision to press forward no matter the collateral damage.

There are dozens of tool free numbers each is its own code to be given out to private exchange targets so the NPTB can track every appointment through one of six dozen call centers globally.

The hidden international coordination and massive technical infrastructure set up behind the scenes is just remarkable.

Non-member banks and currency kiosks will also participate in the RV by connecting clients via special 800#s that credit their business entity with lead generation, thus qualifying them for a small portion of any future exchanges.

This was done so all banking tiers in all
parts of the world could participate in the blessing even if they weren't doing exchanges.

Of the 12,500 off-site global exchange centers, nearly 7% are on military facilities, which we are told will convert ZIM currency exclusively into the currency of that country.

As stated earlier, ZIM international rates will open at or slightly better than current CNY exchange rates.

Look for a mass private global release with a handful of key individuals getting a courtesy head start (30 minutes) to alert the other 5 million "first wave" currency redeemers, which is an estimated 10% of an expected 50 million global redeemers.

Know that Wednesday, May 31, 2017 @ 06:00am EST actually begins the following day Thursday, June 1, 2017 @ 00:00am ACWT in the Chatham Islands, northwest off the coast of New Zealand.

Expect a very fast exchange with little to no extra chit chat by staff, who have been trained to move the line and set everyone up comfortably--yet leave most to all advanced transactions for secondary wealth management appointments.

The initial redemption appointment is just to verify the client, verify currency, exchange said currency and place clients new wealth into digital sovereign trust accounts--so they can return home quickly and safely.

If the client knows and/or wants to negotiate a higher sovereign rate, they will engage in that option, if not, they will not even bring up the subject of there being higher rates available.

Redemption staff is trained not to bring up rates at all in fact, rather just ask a series of questions that identifies individual client needs and expectations depending on expertise or study, then quickly accomplish those goals once understood by both parties.

Their goal is to achieve your goal and do so in as brief a time period as professionally responsible.

So have a firm goal before walking into your appointment, know your shit and achieve your dream.  Sobeit.

God is with us.


"Boogieman" - GCR/RV Op-Ed - Wednesday - May 31, 2017

How much is enough?

I wrestle with this question a lot.
I pray about it constantly.
I keep surrendering for answers.
Still IAM not sure.

More importantly, however, AM I even asking the right question?  And AM I in this RV thing as a true humanitarian or just an entrepreneurial opportunist?

I feel everyone will come to this same question sooner or later--making "how much is enough?" a meaningless search.

There was a movie back in 2004 called THE VILLAGE directed by M. Night Shamalan.

The basic storyline was that a group of highly intelligent, wealthy families decided to return to their American heritage roots in Pennsylvania after experiencing the tragic deaths of their children.

So they choose to live impoverished, like early American settlers who farm the land, making everything by hand, even going as far to dress and worship in historic hand built homes and clothes just like Olde Pennsylvania's once did.

So they buy a huge parcel of land and enclosed all the families inside, so none has outside contact, let alone modern convinces, so they can keep out sin and disease in order to protect the innocence of remaining and future family members.

To quell the normal human desire to explore and expand emotionally, physically, spiritually, they create a mythical "boogieman" that keeps  everyone penned up with fear and within the village limits at all times.

So instead of giving the residents the option of staying, willfully, the founders decide to scare their family members into constant submission without their approval.

And if anyone decides to leave or run, the village elders scare them more as to protect the very foundation of how their grand society (cabal) works.

Sound familiar?

Is not humanity now in a similar penn?
What about Radical Islamist Terrorists, President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu and North Korean Dictator Kim Jung-Un?
Are all not such mythical boogiemen forced down our throats to fear or else?

Seriously, or else what?  Death?

Ascending beyond the fear of death allows one to fully experience and witness life truly as it is for the very first time.

That's what the ZIM represents IMHO.  A peak behind the curtain of possibility and truth that there's more than enough of everything for everyone.

Mangos!  Mangos!  Mangos!

The RV offers all who believe in freedom or just seek the truth an opportunity to leave their own village of fear, forever, and move away from what has always been in order to walk into the abyss of what can be... and in many to most instances, what has always been but never shared or explained.

No artificial limitations or illusions, no more boogiemen to hold us in our mental villages of fear, bonded to perpetual chains of death over eternal life.

Is this the exchange you desired when buying or receiving gifted currency?

Hope so ... because the GCR/RV is energetically unprecedented, not only during your generation, but in all of human existence on the surface of the earth.

It is an adventure into the great unknown of heaven on earth, and the ZIM it's most powerful derivative of change.

Your upcoming financial transaction really becomes a ticket for those willing to engage in the ultimate transition, soul expansion from a temporary to eternal consciousness.

Exiting the limitation of darkness in favor of the unending pathway of white light--consciously--and sharing the journey with anyone who desires such a life experience will be their life.

Mine  too.

Yet leaving behind anyone who chooses to remain stuck in the dark village with the fake boogiemen who they must fear and cower too... well that's just not me.

So goodbye.

Know that there is an immanent eradication of ISIS, Daesh, nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, nation-state war, rogue dictators, drug and human trafficking, fiat currency, asset-less high frequency trading, poverty hunger, homelessness, famine, man-made catastrophic weather events, cancer causing seed-food-air-water-earth polluting science, vaccination toxicity, propaganda media, inferior medical technology, deadly and addictive prescription opioid drugs, unhippocratic life saving diagnosis and treatments, restriction of free energy, denial of extra terrestrial life, repression of human history and release of original Hu-man genetics, etc., etc., etc... everything is going to change because everything in one way or another is in radical need of a reset or harmonic recalibration.

And soon you'll have all the money:)

That's happening.  Deal with it.  Sobeit.

Also know you're receiving such a surreal amount because of the awesome responsibility that comes with fixing everything that ails humanity.

That's the price we all pay for unending wealth--a lifetime of unending mercy and service.  How much we have is irrelevant.  Why we have it is the only question everyone must answer for themselves.

As we are deemed "chosen" not because of our desire to perpetuate past lies that have kept us penned up in the destructive and dehumanizing human village of scarcity.  No, we were "chosen" because we are dynamic agents of change who have been gifted infinite resources to right the wrongs of our ancestors, and both repeal and replace all inhuman mandates, laws, products, media, medicine, agriculture, technologies and educational that are inaccurate to survive and yes ultimately ascend.

Blessings = Burdens because mankind's Burdens will appear to you everywhere once the Blessing is transferred.

The choice between God or not God is the purpose here and reason for all exchanges of consciousness.  It's an either / or proposition, not to be negotiated.

Trust me, nothing is ever going to be the same once you redeem that ZIM.  Nothing.

Many don't like to hear that.  Many will refute such truth; but like a rubber band that is stretched too far or expanded beyond its cozy comfort zone--the mind, body and soul cannot return, will
never return, to its original form once it has been exposed to the extreme truth of spirit.

The reveal of money as an illusion created to be another mechanism of control is the first of many lessons in a perpetual classroom that teaches all human exchangers about ascension.

There's a lot happening with the RV beyond the obvious, folks.  A lot, a lot.  And you deserve to know it all to make the best decision for your own soul.  Period.

This is why it is best to contemplate the scope of this unprecedented event in order to fully grasp and meaningfully understand what it is you are really getting yourself and family involved in before calling to make that historic exchange appointment.

Because maybe what you think you're exchanging is something entirely different than you may be imagining right now.

And if that's the case, there's no shame in taking less and opting out of human angel hood with the remainder of your life.

Look, saving the world isn't for everyone, but to all us who feel compelled to resurrect and rebuild the world, know that Olde Yosef will be around to assist this inherently humanitarian community whatever greater good needs may arise... past, present and future.

Together.  Surrendered in Christ.  Healing the soul of the world.

God is with us.