Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Children of Zion" - GCR/RV Overview - Tuesday - May 9, 2017

Received via email......

Russia is in town right now negotiating Israel's complete surrender with the Trump Administration.


And Putin is meeting with Palestine this week to discuss transition of said pre-1967 territories.


Why Russia you ask? Because they control the Middle East militarily right now with Iran, Syria and Turkey.

China is waiting for these negotiations to complete before releasing the RV internationally.

And they're in no rush.

Exiting Israeli Prime Minister BiBi Netanyahu (you read that right) is right now attempting to turn Middle East Peace negotiations into his own idea, and make it look as if he and Trump have brokered a benevolent two-state solution between Israel and Palestine.

The reality is Trump and His cousin BiBi needed more time to negotiate and had Donald extend the passage of the 2017 US Budget an extra week.

Both leaders are facing impeachment worthy charges, and feeling the heat of their unsocial treason's against humanity being litigated in full public view.

Trump has even hired private attorney against he Russian collusion charges.

Can't make this stuff up, folks!

Both these covert Children of Zion are right now, literally right now, being threatened with public international trials and lifetime jail terms if they do not immediately resign and accept the United Nations Security Council's two state resolution--passed last November.

This is why the French election was so important. France has a permanent member veto vote on the UN Security Council and could have potentially reversed the Middle East Peace process.

But instead of arresting or killing Netanyahu and Trump, the NPTB decided to play along with their Zionistic games/insanity, taking away more and more leverage from the negotiating table the longer conflicts were dragged out.

So in truth, Trump and BiBi actually helped run themselves out of diplomatic bullets to fire on China/Russia/Republic/UK/ France until all that was left was them threatening to hold back the RV with their own graphic demise.

They literally are pointing a gun to their own heads and explaining, "Don't take another step or we'll shoot ourselves! And we are really, really, really serious!"

Reminds me of scene from Blazing Saddles...

This is how nuts these people are.

It's sad actually. Ultimate power that has corrupted ultimately and warped decision making to the point where by the cabal is revealed as crumbling geopolitically.

Trump and BiBi are impotent, and there is no diplomatic viagra strong enough to erect a new stiff defense against the ascension of humanity.

The cabal on the whole is metaphorically flaccid leaning on the Trump and Netanyahu Administrations for resurgence through fake chemical weapon warfare and tweets.

Talk about limp with defeat.

So that's where we are at. Waiting on two historic dickheads, BiBi the Khazarian and Trump the Terrible to negotiate their combined exodus.

Which is kinda great in a way, yet more annoying knowing they have zero leveraging ability less their own salacious removal.

That said, as soon as the details of Trump and BiBi's personal surrenders are finalized, the RV will begin.

They're very, very close we are told. Still in an any moment kind is mode. We shall see.

But that's why the Russian/Trump rhetoric is ratcheting up again and will not stop until Trump and BiBi have both accepted the two state solution and agreed to the terms of their resignation.

Trump is actually a Mossad trained operative, compromised by the Russian KGB over a decade, in conjunction with former American President Obama, who has kept Paul Ryan's US Republic hidden as they have been righting the American ship with General Dunford, broken by over 145 plus years of Eastern European/Dark Nobility/Vatican/Jesuit/Malevolent Non-Humanoid Terrestrial enslavement known openly in the "Protocols of Zion" written by Adam Weishaupt, who is actually the man represented on the $1 bill--not George Washington.

Well at least that's not highly complicated!

It's no wonder absolutely nothing in the media or on-line makes a lick of sense.

FYI: Any back tracking by BiBi or Trump (and the new Palestinian Authority for that matter, King Abdullah of Jordan) will be dropped from the new Asian banking system overnight and replaced with new leadership before being brought back on-line).

Believe it, don't believe it... but really why we're all still waiting on the event/blessing, as only a new global financial system could bring about world peace--so the NPTB are holding it back till they get absolutely everything they believe is necessary to reset the world's political, military, geopolitical and financial mechanisms.

Kinda makes sense in an annoying, logical way.

Until every nation has willingly accepted the terms of surrender and future financial and military engagement, no gold backed monies will flow in or out of their banks and countries.

All go or none go, which has never been a more painful reality because people are literally dying waiting for this negotiation to resolve--and the permanent solution is just sitting there ready to be released for all humanity to be hydrated.

Reminds me of a quote by Vito Corleone in The Godfather part 1, "This is the business we have chosen." Sobeit.

Side note: Trump doesn't get to leave the White House until the two state solution is publicly accepted by BiBi as leader of Israel via his own mouth on an international news channel for all the world to see and hear.

We're told that statement is what is being negotiated and written right now. Trump's resignation announcing / letter too.

The good news there is that we know for a fact Trump is utterly miserable being a faux President. He hates his life playing politician because he never thought he would win the office--at least that was BiBi's/Mossad's promise to him to get him to run in the first place.

Know the technical structure of the new banking system worldwide is 100% complete, so that's also good news.

There was a cabal ghost algorithm discovered on early Monday morning which illegally held funds off ledger then tried to pit them back into market equities (laundered) by Monday opening bell, but that didn't work and the software glitch was fixed before the opening bell sounded.

France's election results have been certified and made official via submission with the compliance arm of the United Nations, so that's progress.

A lot of diplomatic meetings are occurring all over the world in a 24/7 urgent manner, that's big time encouraging IMHO. Urgency now is a good thing--means this RV deal is finally closing.

Exchange rates keeps rising, so that's an indication they're not stopping the overall schedule and/or roll out process just holding back the actually release moment.

Again, I see all this as positive signs change is immanent.

Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Iraq are are holding back the releases of their own financial reforms as long as they possibly can regardless of the pain--which is brutally hard given what's awaiting their exhausted and oppressed populations.

Absolute mercy versus insufferable misery. Talk about contrasted reality. Polar opposites actually--aka bookends.

Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, Afghanistan and the Philippines are just a few countries all holding back their own financial reforms, all be it less painful, as their immediate needs are far less dire.

The United States is also holding back its reforms, but our currency affects all the others currencies worldwide so we are in a completely different release class and must be last not first.

And if you're not convinced Israel truly houses the last evil rebellion of mankind against God, consider the Hebrew word "Is-Ra-El" literally means "wrestling with God."

Such a pointless rebellion has no option but to end its struggle and surrender... sooner than soon and permanently.

God is with us.