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GCR Timeline, Step By Step (OWK)

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GCR Timeline, Step By Step

Meaning is so interesting to me as it is always a matter of interpretation.  As a result I have been getting all kinds of emails and posts that are thinking they don't, or won't have time to exchange, when in actuality, you will all have plenty of time, more than you need.

In order to be VERY CLEAR on what I MEAN when I am talking about my understanding of how this will roll out, I am going to create a step by step outline of how the GCR rolls out.  First thing to know is that the Segments Plan is in effect:

The GCR Time Line, Step By Step

------ It has started and rolling out all over the World

It Has Started

This part is not completely clear to me, as the only Start date I have was Europe on Wednesday the 17th  of May, and it is still going by the Segment plan as I write this.

Since I know that the plan is for it to start in the Far East, that MEANS that the Far East has already started by the segment plan before Europe, most likely by at least a week, but I don't know for sure.  However, by logic alone, it has also started more than a week ago.   That would mean that everything "FAR EAST" would be going.

Obviously, Australia also started before that since I have a confirmed story of Zim being redeemed at both a low rate (By contract) and also for very high rates way over face value (No Zeros off).  So clearly, that part of the World has started.

I also have confirmation that we here in the WEST, have started as well.  That would naturally include Canada, Mexico and central and South America, as the "West."  While I don't have the exact start date, I am thinking it was this last weekend, although it could have been earlier.  That is the Genius of the Segment plan's word of mouth, information transfer system, it stays secret.  All that said, I have confirmed that a bunch more "Segments" started yesterday, and obviously, more will start (Have Started) today. 

The Final Segments

This is where it starts to get interesting.  How many segments have already gone?  Who Knows.  How many still have to go before the "Intel Provider's Segments" Go?  Don't know that either.    How much time before the "Intel Provider's Segments" Go?  That I have an Idea on.  I was told to start keeping on alert for the Instructions and 800# for my segment.  So that gives us a couple marks on the time line.

------ Here we are now 5-24-2017 4:30 Eastern Time (NOW)

THIS TIME BETWEEN IS UNKNOWN (Before I start) Days/Hours?

------ This is the time I get my "Package" to start contacting my people and set my appointments as well.

I set my appointment and contact my people one call at a time telling them by word of mouth the 800# and the instructions.  They then tell whoever they need to tell, especially people they have gifted to.  ALL BY WORD OF MOUTH.  Remember it is still secret at this point.  The rates at this point in time, HAVE NOT been posted publically on the IMF website yet.

THIS TIME IS ABOUT 2-4 HOURS (After I get My Information Package)

------ This is when it goes "Live" and the rates change on the IMF website.

This is also when the phone number shows up on the IDC website and Patrick sends out the Emails  WITH the number INCLUDED. (Remember, at this point in time, it is no longer a secret, after all, the rates are already on the IMF website for anyone to see.)

However, even though the GCR has ENDED (New Rates Posted), and the rates are PUBLIC, the sleeping public has no idea what has just happened.  We want them to stay asleep just a little while longer at this point. 

During this time people who did NOT get contacted by the Segments plan, and everyone else in the World who has these currencies, has a chance to see the special 800# to call in a get the super high Humanitarian rates.

These numbers will be on the internet for 3 days (72 hours).  After that they will not only be taken down, they will be deactivated as well.  This means that if you have not made that first call, it is too late to do so.  It also means that if that number is in an email, or anywhere else, it will no longer be useable.

This is NOT a time to worry.  Remember that you call whenever you get the number, and you have plenty of time to get the number, and set an appointment.  It is OK to set the appointment for later, or even next week if that is better for you.  What is important is that you make contact while you can, but when you actually go to the appointment, is based on your schedule. 

In other words, if you don't call that first number to make your appointment, then when it comes down and is deactivated in 3 days, how will you make the appointment?  But if you did call, you will have been given a second number, and that number will be good until the exchange centers close down.  Once you are "IN" you can take the time you need to get to your appointment and get exchanged.  Often time is needed for travel, medical reasons or something else. 

THIS TIME IS ABOUT 72 HOURS (3 Days) (Before First Number Gets Deactivated)

------ This is the Time when the Phone Numbers will be take down from the internet and deactivated.

Once this happens, no NEW appointments will be taken. From this time on, the exchange centers will only be handling and exchange those who had set up appointments and made contact with them.  In other words, the Front door is closed and locked, but whomever is already inside the system can get finished exchanging when ever their appointments were.


------ This is the time when the Exchange centers are closed down. 

I am not sure how long this will be but I am thinking maybe two weeks, more or less. 

When the exchange centers close, it means that all who have made appoinments for the High Rate exchanges, have been processed and exchanged, and thus the exchange centers are no longer needed.

It is important to note, that after the Exchange centers close, the high rates will no longer be available, but Banks with currency exchange departments will still be exchanging the First basket currencies at VERY LOW STREET / INTERNATIONAL RATES.  These rates will still be very good, but NOTHING like the Privately Negotiated Rates would have been.


------ This is the time that the first basket Currencies will no longer be exchangeable anywhere in the World.   Once these currencies are no longer exchangeable, they become wall paper.  They are no good except as conversation pieces.  NO MONETARY VALUE AT ALL.  If you want an example of this, think of the Confederate Money from the civil war, or the Saddam Hussein currency from Iraq.  Neither has any monitary value anymore.  But they are interesting as collector's items. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there is a plan on how this rolls out to the end of the GCR.  There is an "Early Part" which is the segments plan, and then there is an "On-Time (to call) Part" which is 3 days after the 800#s are posted on the internet.  You need to call ASAP to set your appointment, but when you go in is way more flexible, especially if you have travel issues, work issues, medical issues etc.  Just tell them what your situation is and set an appointment that works for you. There will come a time when the Exchange centers close down and only street rates are available.  Then later even the street rates will no longer be available either.  While I don’t have the exact times these things start and stop, I do have the "Relative" times between these events. 

Once this starts you will no longer have to worry about what is true and what is not.  Remember that you can ask questions at the First call, the second call, the exchange appointment, and the Wealth manager appointment.  It will be way easier than you think, and way more fun as well. Just relax and let it come to you.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows