Sunday, May 14, 2017

Magi of the Sun, the Blue Avians, and the 2022 New Star Prophecy: From Resistance to Resplendence

By William Henry

Clare and I are thrilled to announce our November 4-5, 2017 “Magi of the Golden Sun” workshop in Nashville. During the weekend we will be sharing our latest research, and pushing the envelope on attaining wholeness and holiness by reconnecting with our essential nature as light beings via the art of ascension. As we have demonstrated in our Gaia TV show, “Arcanum“, and in our Sacred Art of Ascension workshops, sacred art can open a portal into other worlds, and make instantly present spiritual energies for transformation and even celestial beings.

Our focus in November will be on the Magi Order, the immensely mysterious spiritual tribe of Sages, Bodhisattvas and Starwalkers who orchestrated the construction of stairways to heaven or portals to perfection in ancient Egypt and Babylon and who taught Buddha and Pythagoras, among others, the secrets of the soul and attainment of the light body.

In our workshop, we will be presenting profound new information about these teachings. Our entry point will be an analysis of one of the world’s greatest ascension mystery works, and Britain’s greatest treasures, the Wilton Diptych. Featuring King Richard II, who is accompanied by three magi, this enigmatic painting opens a window into a celestial realm inhabited by the Virgin Mary and the blue avian-human hybrid beings who attend her. In a moment, we will plunge  into the tantalizing mysteries of this painting, but first a word about the Magi and the Star Prophecy.

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