Sunday, May 14, 2017

"Perception" - GCR / RV SITREP - Sunday - May 15, 2017

Received via email.....  


Happy Mother's Day!

May the Divine Feminine continue to gain power and strength, retaking her vaulted vibrational throne as Gaia's dominant human experience!

Let the new earth be born today!



The cabal has tried various attempts this weekend to stop RV with a massive 20 country cyber attack, fake North Korean nuke launch and even a legal UST sanction not allowing Americans to redeem foreign currency.

All of those desperation moves we're anticipated and countered quickly.

The threat of hijacking existing sovereign nations nukes however is still a very real threat and considered the biggest potential disruption to human progress.

Ukrainian and Israeli nukes have been eliminated, but France is still an option until 6pm EDT or midnight in France.

Know President Hollande is full cabal and cannot be trusted, and as of 10am EDT had yet to turn over the nuclear codes which legally he doesn't have to do until midnight French time.

This is why the world waits on France and not Iraq.  But hey, those big Iraqi freedom flags are very colorful.

Mosul.  Mosul.  Mosul.

Meaning, the cabal is still negotiating with terror--for what we have no idea, but they are clearly taking this transition down to the last possible second because that's what scorpions do--they sting... as it is their nature.

The NPTB have threatened Trump, Netanyahu and Poroshenko with instant public removal and elimination of amnesty packages (including currency exchanges) so as not to block the RV this weekend.

They even have them all in secrete "House Arrest" (that includes Trump, Poroshenko, Netanyahu and Hollande).

Comey was a diversion for the real meat of the 2006 Trump investigation/evidence which is the NSA/Pentagon (Republic)--who were onto the Mossad/Trump psy-op well over two decades earlier.

They have taped conversations (and videos) of Trump in treasonous activity, which means they like the Russians and Israeli's, they have Donna by the short hairs and why this current political situation is so incredibly confusing.

Trump has been compromised by three different elements of power for decades.  And Mossad has controlled him since birth--creating the whole business man extraordinaire image in fact.

Scary that 66 million plus people voted for him.  Even more scary that 69 million plus voted for Hillary Clinton, who was compromised far worse, and for far longer--including the whole 9/11 - Saudi Arabia - ISIS formation crimes against humanity on her resume.

Know the NPTB can end a Presidency  (his or hers) at any hour of any day.  That said, they too are negotiating by holding back the RV--which is the true death blow the cabal (i.e. infinite liquidity to the masses).

Trump is not part of the restored Republic in any way--rather he's being used as a media political patsy to smoke out deep cover cabal agents posing as white knights--which indirectly serves the Republic's mission.

Some of these names would drop your jaw and have you running straight to D.C., Wall Street and Hollywood with loaded automatic weapons.

Please don't.  It's enough to know the whole system was rigged against humanity and no longer will be.   Choose instead to focus on the future blessings not past sins.

When Trump knee jerked and fired Comey this week it was because he was ordered too by Mossad--as the NPTB were prepping to formally bring charges against both Netanyahu in Israel and Trump in Washington, D.C..

They needed instant leverage.  Instead they weakened their position from a perception standpoint.

Everyone is using Trump's high profile Presidential pulpit for their own purposes, but his sheer incompetence and compromised history gives the global media a lot of red meat to report on.

Still he lives by the tweet but will soon die by the tweet.  We just have to deal with the fallout nonsense until we don't.

The question now is when do they brandish the sharp sword and "kill the bull" in order to roll out the RV.  As they are one in the same.

On Mother's Day?   In celebration of the Divine Feminine?  Maybe.  Certainly markets being closed for another day is a positive.

But we know the entire financial system (banks and markets) have already been transitioned from malevolent to benevolent (as have the new currency rates on back screens), so what's the hold up?

Complete and total annihilation of the cabal.  Safely and invisibly.  It's the only explanation.

Remember, when it comes to delivering a safe RV, perception means more than reality.

Thus, the take down of public figures, especially well known world leaders, is a delicate game that must be slowly massaged away--not the more popular band aid ripping philosophy of D-Land desperates.

Slow is fast and fear dangerous when attempting macro-sized changes.

So is your RV glass half full or half empty?   Either way, your 100% correct because the RV's structural reality deems it done as of today, yet your perception may still scream not yet... or worse, not ever.

Can't help ya there.

Just be advised that Russia/China/Republic would never allow anyone into the WH they didn't have full control over, including the instantaneous ability to remove him / her from power at will.

This is why our military has been fully deployed again as of Friday afternoon and were told its "jump weekend."  They're still in position at this hour on Sunday... and you guessed it... waiting.

Redemption center and call staff are still awaiting the 800# release.  They are bored as hell and don't know what the f-@! is going on, and anyone saying otherwise is is lying.

Many in both camps are having to spend yet another empty holiday away from family (all be it paid).  Yet everyone believes we're in the final execution phase, with no one certain of critical event timing.

Well planned, Fighting Joe.  We're all in the dark... and yet... we can see what you're doing plain as day via technology and digital media.

Analyst thinking is that once the French nuke codes are passed on to Macron, and proven authentic, structurally we can begin.

The whole Daesh/ISIS conundrum is not the main issue--never was--mass destruction is and remains the top priority to preventing global calamity.

Sunday evening is the start of the business / market week in Asia, as well as the safest time to release the RV from a traffic perspective, plus the natural distraction of getting mentally ready for work on Monday morning is an organic flash bang.

Don't discount an artificial flash bang appearing suddenly around some Trump leak later in the day--specifically one from the NSA's audio recording pool with Trump discussing Russian sanction relief in exchange for real estate purchases above market value.

They have a whole library to choose from.

That would eat up the news cycle for a few weeks as well as guarantee his exodus from power.  Two birds, one stone.

Trump's arrive, raise hell and leave philosophy might be very fitting, but it is not going to be pretty few weeks for the Orange One.  Nor America for that matter.  But it should be heaven on earth for the chosen and awakened currency holders.

We shall see.  Perhaps as soon as later today.  Keep the faith.  The RV is real and really here and now.

God is with us.