Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Big Announcement from NASA: 200 New Planets Found, 10 Planets Like Earth May Have Life


June 19, 2017

NASA made a big announcement today as they continue with their soft disclosure about E.T. life on other worlds.  Over 200 new planets have been documented with 10 of these planets considered earth like and may support life.  Viewers of this blog are most aware of this type of "drip drip drip" disclosure from NASA and realize this is not really a major announcement.  These disclosures from NASA are mostly for the "sleeping" public who still need time to adjust to the shifting reality.

Here is a quick summary about this latest disclosure......

(AP) -- NASA says its planet-hunting telescope has found 10 new planets outside our solar system that are likely the right size and temperature to potentially have life on them.
As the Kepler telescope finished its main mission, NASA announced Monday that it has seen a total of 49 planets in the Goldilocks zone for possible life. And it only looked in a tiny part of the galaxy.
Kepler scientist Mario Perez says that means that "we are probably not alone" because four years of data show how common Earth-like planets can be. Outside scientists agreed that this is a boost in the hope for life elsewhere.
NASA says several of the 10 new potentially habitable planets circle stars similar in size to our sun.
NASA also announced 219 new planets.

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