Monday, June 19, 2017

David Seaman Update: John Podesta Under Active Investigation As Case Goes "Hot"

REPORT: John Podesta Under Active Investigation As Case Goes "Hot"

June 17, 2017

For quick background's sake, John Podesta's emails were leaked and published on WikiLeaks late last year, shortly before the U.S. presidential election. Podesta served as Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, and before that Podesta was a long time Clinton insider, serving as Bill Clinton's White House chief of staff.

The emails contained an overwhelming number of incongruent references to "pizza," "hotdogs," and other food items - without ever referencing which restaurant the food came from, any details about the food itself or its flavor, etc.

Around the same time that WikiLeaks was releasing the Podesta Emails in batches, the transparency organization bizarrely (at the time) tweeted out a link to a declassified F.B.I. backgrounder explaining to law enforcement how to spot the signs of child predators, and child trafficking.

In January of this year, I was contacted by federal law enforcement and by former 'deep state' officials. The purpose of these limited interactions, I now understand, was to keep me on track. It was explained to me that this is real, deserving of the public's time, and when I asked why haven't these people been arrested yet - the answer was that after digging into the ring, it branched out further than anyone was anticipating, and there are significant geopolitical concerns.

Geopolitical concerns like Hillary Clinton aides sacrificing "chickens" (an established code word for infants) to an obscure pagan god of child sacrifice, Moloch? Yeah, concerns like that.

Strangely, according to Winston Churchill's memoir Adolf Hitler worshipped the same pagan god, by the same name.

And as one of you pointed out on Twitter, this is the smoking gun that has finally emerged from the vast trove of WikiLeaks emails. You see, she mentions Moloch by name, and Hillary does not respond with "WTF is that??"

Hillary is well versed in the occult, and according to the man who hacked her - in a handwritten note from his prison cell - he warned the public that she is an occult high priestess, and that's what we were not supposed to know. But now we do know. And we do know so much more than that.

And we will bring them all down. Thanks for your patience and support over these challenging few months.

Jack Posobiec, a respected reporter and former CBS News staffer with a significant social media following, is reporting that sources are saying investigation into John Podesta has been formally initiated. I know Posobiec, and trust these claims.

In the months ahead, a lot is going to come to light. You can turn to FULCRUM for ongoing coverage of these events and arrests, as soon as we get the info, we will share with you.

Do not let it break your soul.

Don't let it shatter your innocence. Know the truth as it is revealed, but don't let it change who you are or lessen your love for country - these people are America's distant past in the rearview mirror, not her future.

Really, really bad stuff is going to come to light, and as we are all leaders (my readers are thought leaders, or you'd all have laughed off Pedogate six months ago, as the less awakened among us did), I implore you, in the weeks and months ahead:

Keep telling your friends and family it's okay. Hug them.

This one is different from other scandals.

So different.

"It's okay," we have to remind those among us who can't envision such evil, or what might motivate it. Just keep saying it over and over even when things really are not okay. That's what leaders do.

And soon, things will be better than okay.

Things will be great.

-David Seaman

FULCRUM Programming Director

Washington, D.C.