Monday, June 19, 2017

Global Cabal Organizations Agree To Release Funds Through Alpha Omega World Development Marshall Programme?


Made public June 16, 2017 *OUANO*: Good day, everyone. Today is June 11, 1 P.M. in the afternoon. My name is Melvin Ouano, and I’m a Director General of Alpha Omega World Development Marshall Programme. I’m here today with the global tuner, also Chairman of Alpha Omega World Development Marshall Programme, as well as the Supreme Commander of the bureau of Central Interpol, His Royal Highness Tiburcio Villamor Marcos Tallano Tagean IV with codename TVM-LSM-666.

[picture scrambles]

Good day, Mr. Chair.

*TVM-LSM-666*: Thank you, Director General Melvin Ouano. It’s been now overdue that the urgent marshaling with global monetary system of Central Banks of Central banks of the whole world. It should have been signal at the same time of the monetary backup of the monetary systems of the Central Banks of Central Banks as a reset of the whole world. We are indeed bankrolling now the world of central banks. We have the assets that matured back in 2005.

[Graphic: The Bilateral Trilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Agreement]

This was the 60-year loan agreement that did mature. The bilateral Trilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Agreement in 1950. We are now officially launching the global reset of the monetary systems of the Central Banks of Central Banks. This agreed by the whole world. Agreed by presidents and premiers, kings and queens, princes and princesses of the whole world, and all the (34) regulatory and bureaus and commissions.

This is indeed using all the assets, all of the gems, such as diamonds and platinum, that we have.

This has been signed, agreed through ministerial, diplomatic with amity of understanding and agreements. And all kinds of gents signed and sealed through the regulatory bureaus and commissions such as, to name a few: The Committee of the 300, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg, The Financial Task Force, The World Bank Group, administered now by the International Monetary Fund globally, The Federal Reserve, The U.S. Treasury though The Bureau of Engraving and Printing Archives, United Nations Development Program, The United Nations International Security Council, and all the ECOSOC members, UNIDO, UNITAD, The World Health Organization, UNICOR which is the commission on Refugees, and The World Bank Group.

These are properly adjudicated and sealed through The League of Nations or The United Nations. Much so, they are indeed being archived through the attestations of The International Criminal Court and The International Court of Justice. At the same manner which actually signed and and sealed with The U.S. Supreme Court, The Supreme Court of The Philippines, and and other supreme court. In every involved countries which are being archived, recorded properly at B.I.S. . . . which are properly documented for proper accreditation and compliance and, at the same manner, for proper accountability of the agreement. It’s now overdue.

We are now signaling a total mechanism were actually formatted this and we will back it up with a quantum etherium block chain, centralized autonomous mechanism as our form of a governance, and if it’s possible we will do it on a year-to-year agreement to avoid any other malfeasance or to avoid any other wrongdoing. Have it done properly. The whole world will be in peace. Fine way to bridge nation to nation, peace to the whole world.

We are now formatting the global ECOSOC under Articles 51, 53, and 63. So, in passing, we are ready, willing, and able to bankroll The Millennium Centurion Bank of the World using the global asset.

This is your chairman. It’s my whole directive to the whole world. I believe we have already delivered this message to you and to the whole world. I thank you, to all of you.

*OUANO*: Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Chair. So where everyone to get more information, please feel free to visit our Facebook page, #ALPHAOMEGAWORLD, or you can search it through Google: “Alpha Omega World Development Marshall Programme.”

So, thank you everyone. Thank you and good day.”