Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Mixed" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - June 3, 2017

Aloha D-land!

What a world we live in, eh?

World Peace. President Trump. Chocolate Fried Bacon and Dancing With The Stars.

Well, Olde Yo got some much needed answers today which hopefully should give us all some much needed clarity moving forward.

Be advised: This is a good news, bad news update. So let's start with the bad news...

... the long awaited RV is now scheduled to release 6.10.2017 (8). Anytime after 9pm PDT next Saturday.

So Yo, why the extra wait time?

Mossad (Netanyahu) and Hamas (Abbas) came to final Middle East Peace terms on Friday afternoon, and they chose to announce their historic agreement at the tail end of the Arab-Israeli 6 Day War 50th Anniversary which falls on you guessed it Saturday, June 10.

This paves the way for ex-FBI Director James Comey's knife in the heart Trump obstruction of justice & impeachment worthy offense testimony--which as predicted here will be used as the RV flash bang scheduled to start promptly at 10am Thursday morning.

So we have some extra wait time to kill is all. No more, no less. Sobeit.

Trump's taped resignation will ultimately be aired sometime after Comy's testimony over the weekend, in sync with the RV release.

Expect the media and politicians to go ballistic following his testimony. Especially Republicans who can finally jump off the Trump bandwagon.

This process is no longer a secret to the major power players as it was explained by H.R. McMaster to the Bilderberg Group late last night, and why I was also told we could now be informed as to make our final preparations... just like remaining cabal leadership.

Also, the snap British Election will be completed by June 8, 2017, which will again go towards accomplishing UK GESARA compliance regulations for all UN Security Council Members to be firmly assigned new leadership apart from their former government.

This was not a mandatory election mind you, but it will help in the EU/Brexit negotiations we are told.

Makes me wonder if June 10th might have always been the "go date" because the current or temporary UK Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to win in a landslide over Jeremy Corbin and become the permanent leader of Great Britain un till 2022.

This election could have been held well after the RV with no problem--so they decide well in advance to squeeze it in.

It's not just small banks and currency less counties that the NPTB are adding here at the very end.

So that's the bad news. Now the good news...

... screen rates will continue to rise and rapidly all week long leading up the RV.

Meaning, you'll be making crazy amounts of money doing absolutely nothing all week, far beyond your wildest imaginations and thus at least fiscally well worth the wait.

That goes for all RV currencies revaluing.

Also, the RV will be the start of a new and historic era of blessings, and ending of human suffering as we know it.

So what's one more week between friends. Right? Right.

The Elders are very pleased with D-Land's ascension progress btw. They read all the posts, all the sites and listen to all the calls.

The Elders, however, will not, nor will ever, chew tobacco, chew tobacco and spit. Nor will they listen to backwoods American rockabilly country music.

So there's that...

Hope this Intel adds a little but of fuel to your dying RV fire and keeps the community as whole optimistic heading into one more week of waiting.

I know a lot of people are really suffering in this world, whether they are fully aware of the RV, hold currency or otherwise.

I wish this update were more immediate, but from my unique seat, it is extremely positive to actually know we are on the intel beam from the top down.

But if you are in a life or death situation, remember prayer works. So lean on God with all your heart to get through this last week of harsh scarcity.

Trust God to pull you through. He never fails anyone asking in Christ's name. Never.

And to those who aren't running on empty, use this bonus time to get yourself completely prepared and fully aligned with your post-RV strategy / action plan.

Start making those tough and much needed spending decisions.

Oh yeah, and make preparations to bless everyone, including and especially those who have wronged you or attempted to steal your dignity, home or reputation.

Your soul will thank you in the long run. Trust olde Yo, who will be busy doing the same.

God is with us.