Friday, June 16, 2017

MJ-12 E.T. Disclosure - New Documents Leaked To The Public - June 16, 2017

MJ-12 Ultra Top Secret

June 16, 2017

The MJ-12 documents are back in the alternative news circuit as new information emerges from a leak to Heather Wade.  MJ-12 or Majestic Project is considered ultra top secret discussing the fact that extraterrestrials are visiting earth. 
“Advanced beings of non-human nature are continuously being detected along with their flying-disc craft in the controlled space of the United States ...”
I did a quick check of all the different alt sources who are discussing this big news event.

Here are the links you need to visit and catch up on the breaking developments of the MJ-12 new document leak.  Some are already saying this is a fake but others believe this is real.  Continue to read from different sources to come to your own conclusion.

Linda Molten Howe
Part 1: Leaked “ULTRA TOP SECRET “READ-AND-DESTROY Assessment of the Situation On Unidentified Flying Objects”
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Stephen Basset
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Kevin Randle
MJ-12 - New Documents, Old Story
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Nick Redfern
The Majestic 12 Documents Are Back…
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Michael Salla (recently added)
New Majestic Document Reveals US Diplomatic Relations with Extraterrestrials

Below is the leaked MJ-12 document given to Heather Wade.