Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sophia Love: as we shift - fairy tale? Horror story? Love story? you decide.


“Once upon a time” is such a perfect way to put it.  The action now happens somewhere “upon a time”. This works out to mean “not now”. It also means “not real” (because “time” is not real), and nothing real happens “upon a time” – it merely is, NOW. Like our eternal essence.

It is for this reason the following story is told.  What is real is not a player in this story.  Therefore, what is real has not been harmed. This is not to negate the horror and harm of the story, but to put it in perspective.

Fairy tales are true. They crawl out of the heads of their authors and onto our bookshelves. They eventually creep into our nightmares and imaginations. From our imaginations, we create worlds.
These worlds are as real as we believe them to be. We believe what we can accept.

There are two dialogues on the planet now, actually more. But for this discussion we’ll talk about two of them. One is based on fear and the other on love. You may call them 3rd and 5th dimensional conversations.  I’d rather use the word “assumption”.

Your world assumes a basic tenet of either fear (3rd) or love (5th). You are in the same place I am. Your assumption may create vastly different scenery, yet that doesn’t mean either view is false.

It is possible for you to assume a reality of love (5th) and still notice what an assumption of fear (3rd) is up to. In fact, this is what is happening now.  Those of us, who came to assist in this consciousness shift, are faced with this daily.

You cannot deny this fear (3rd) assumption being played out, by saying “none of it is real” or “we are really beings of light”; because, to a vast number of humans, that would sound insane or delusional. This is their truth. What they see and feel is fear.

Perhaps if they knew that what they see has been orchestrated so that they would feel fear, they’d get on top of and then past it.

Here is where the fairy tale begins. It is true, but it is not real. It is being told here to offer yet another option. This option is to look straight at this fearful, not real thing and not be afraid of it, or relegate it to fantasy.  Then, use it to enlighten others, so that it can end. Once we stop the fear, the game is over. It is the only way.

There was once a soul that wanted an adventure. She had learned a great deal about power and was looking now to completely “get” forgiveness.
An earth family was chosen. Within months of her arrival, she met those family members she’d have to forgive, and quickly learned why. They provided her with years of opportunities, thirteen actually.
These opportunities included many of the things that are written about in today’s headline news’ stories. Here are a few of them:
  • Cult and satanic ritual
  • Group pedophilia
  • Torture
  • Robes
  • Costumes
  • Coffins
  • Hoods
  • Cemeteries
  • Murder
When she began to menstruate, the opportunities stopped. Until then, she was being groomed to take over and participate as a high priestess.
She never did however. Her prior birth agreement had been fulfilled by then, and she “got” the necessity for forgiveness. She was offered money to stay. She did not.
Instead she did many things, and one of them is to write this blog post.
It is being offered here to you now, so that you too may share in these abundant opportunities for forgiveness. These horrific news stories of ritualistic abuse are true.  They continue today, partly because they are too awful to contemplate for most people. Believe them.
Then, do something about them. Meditate, pray, talk, write, make videos – do what you can to expose them.
“Once upon a time” this fairy tale did happen. It happened in a tiny, rural US town, with men and women looking to gain access to position and wealth. These men and women were church goers, parents, teachers, principals, town officials, firemen, merchants, bankers. This cult had access to a non-human entity in a faraway place.
It’s happening right now and right next door to wherever you are. It’s so much bigger than you think. This fairy tale has to be told so that it can finally end. We cannot change what we will not see. It is time now to alter our tag line.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for – let’s do this.

With gratitude and so much  love,
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