Friday, June 23, 2017

Super Soldier Duncan O'Finioan vs. Spiritual Teacher William Two Feather (Updated)

Updated - June 23, 2017

I received an email from Super Soldier Duncan O'Finioan this evening.  He sent me his public statement which was not included in the initial article.  Duncan sets the record straight on a show he did with Randy Maugans which you can view at this link here or watch the embedded video below.  Mr. O'Finioan specifically linked to the 1:02:21 mark of the YouTube video about said events.

I apologize to Mr. O'Finioan as I did not see this video statement at the time of writing this article and present it as public record so we have a more balanced report.

Super Soldier Duncan O'Finioan



Super Soldier Duncan O'Finioan vs. Spiritual Teacher William Two Feather

A strange story between a former mind controlled assassin and a native American medicine man.

June 22, 2017

You just can't make this stuff up!  So here is the story that is unfolding as of this moment.

Do you remember the recent report about Super Soldier Duncan O'Finioan being shot?  On May 22, 2017, AscensionWithEarth.Com reported on this situation as we were all trying to figure out what had happened to Mr. O'Finioan.  Randy Maugan reported that the facts of the shooting are as follows.

"Duncan O'Finioan was shot by an attacker Thurs. evening, May 18, at the Healing Center, where he was working, between 7:30 and 8:00 PM CST. He received at least four bullet wounds,none life threatening. He was admitted to a local hospital where he is now recovering. He is stable, talking, and in good spirits."  ~Randy Maugans via Facebook

Super Soldier James Rink did a post concerning updates that William Two Feather shot Duncan O'Finioan but Randy Maugans said it was speculation and requested that James Rink pull the posting off of his website.  James Rink complied with Randy's request.

Now we have new information about this shooting via Benjamin Fulford and looks like James Rink was correct in his reporting.  Today on June 22, 2017, Benjamin Fulford released a public notice for his good friend William Two Feather.  Below is Fulford's request for help.

My good friend William Twofeather needs funds for trial after being attacked by the dark side. Twofeather stayed in my house in Tokyo for six months many years ago and I can vouch for his character as being non-violent and spiritual in nature. Here is a link to a video we posted.
Here is the link to his crowfunding appeal. Please help him.

So if you made your way to the link that Mr. Fulford provided you will end up at a fund raising campaign for William Two Feather's Legal Defense Fund.  Two Feather is asking for $50,000 in order to defend charges associated with his self defense claim.  Here is William Two Feather's statement about what took place on that day.

The attacker sucker punched TF to the ground. While TF was  attempting to get away to his car, the attacker proceeded to beat him severely. At 60+ years this was not easy to take. While half way in the car the attacker repeatedly slammed the car door into TF’s rib-cage, displacing and breaking 4 ribs, and dragged him form the vehicle. In concern for his life and due to the viciousness of the attack, TF reached behind the seat and got his registered handgun and shot the assailant in the leg {non-lethal shot} at point blank range. ~ William Two Feather
At this time we have William Two Feather stating on public video that at the time of attack he did not know Super Soldier Duncan O'Finioan.  Two Feather states that Duncan was a complete stranger that attacked him for no apparent reason.  You can listen to more of Two Feather's testimony in the following video posted below.

There are lots of questions that need to be answered.

  • Why would Super Solider Ducan O'Finioan attack a complete stranger?
  • Is Duncan still under mind control from his dark cabal handlers?
  • If Duncan was under mind control, Duncan would be considered a victim himself as he was not in the right state of mind.
  • Why was Two Feather arrested if his claims of self defense is valid?
  • Why would Two Feather hire an esquire, an agent of the Crown to defend his case on Republic land?
  • Randy Maugans stated as fact that Duncan was attacked at a healing center, where as Two Feather states he was attacked in a strip mall parking lot.  Who is telling the truth?
  • Was there an exchange of dialog before the attack happened?
  • Has Ducan O'Finioan made a public statement about this attack?
  • What motivation would TF have to attack Duncan?
  • What motivation would Duncan have to attack TF?

Now just in case you need a refresher about who Super Solider Ducan O'Finioan is and what he is capable of, I would suggest that you listen to an interview from Project Camelot.  Kerry Cassidy and Ducan O'Finioan go into detail about his life as a mind-controlled super soldier assassin.  Posted below are some quotes from Ducan O'Finioan and his video testimony about his super soldier abilities.

Duncan O’Finioan: This guy grabs me by the throat and I just snapped sideways, threw my hands palm down, just threw them down, and screamed inside my mind. The guys goes up and back. I never touched him. I looked over and there was George Jr. sitting at the bar with a secret service body guards, drunk as a skunk with the secret service trying to get him to calm down. Now that’s when I snapped awake. I don’t remember driving there.

Duncan O’Finioan: Like I said, we’re supposed to live in a civilized free society. We don’t. When they can walk in, take you as a child, turn you into a killer and then use you, abuse you, and when they are done, throw you away. It shouldn’t happen.

Kerry Cassidy: Were you an assassin?
Duncan O’Finioan:  Yes, I was.
Kerry Cassidy:  How did you assassinate people and what kind of people would you be assassinating? Do you have any idea? Were they people in war time?
Duncan O’Finioan:  No.
Kerry Cassidy:  Were they Americans?
Duncan O’Finioan:  Some, yes. One, that I remember vividly because it was the last one, the last time I ever did anything for the government, was in D.C. and I put three rounds through the heart of a very high intelligence official.
Source: Project Camelot
This is a very strange case and find it interesting that these two men, William Two Feather and Duncan O’Finioan will be going to court especially with the background information that at least Duncan has attached to his personal legacy.  Is it possible that the courts will entertain Duncan as a former mind controlled assassin?  Will such personal testimony be allowed to be entered into a court of law?  Why would Duncan O’Finioan want to pursue charges against William Two Feather with his self involvement with black ops programs and his claims that he has previously killed high ranking individuals?  Is this a cry for help or an attempt at disclosure?

Again this is some crazy shiznit and would like to see how this plays out in the court of Admiralty Law.