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The 3 Operational Protocols For Lightworkers & How to Spot and Shut Down Darkness Conduits in Your Network To Protect Your Relationships & Operations.

The 3 Operational Protocols For Lightworkers & How to Spot and Shut Down Darkness Conduits in Your Network To Protect Your Relationships & Operations.

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Greetings Freedom Lovers, Lightworkers, Comrades…

For those who don’t know me yet … here’s my first article & Radio Show for you to enjoy later, to get a better idea of who I am.


Part I

The Operational Protocols for protecting relationships … networks & operations for a much smoother ride … thus maintain the momentum for The Event.

Part II

Protocol #2: Utilizing The 10 Indicators of a Compromised Lightworker… to Quickly Shut Down Conduits of Infection in Your Network, Thus Preventing Relationship Breakdowns & Risks to Operations …

& Protocol #3 - Clearing A Mission

Important Preface

With the energies only getting more intense … and darkness only getting more desperate to save itself … overt attacks on – and subtle background manipulation of – Lightworker relationships are more vicious than ever.

I’m sure you’ve been feeling it, or at least seeing it…

It’s a horrible thing to witness, let alone experience …

Although the attacks with the most long-lasting affects, appear to come through damaged/compromised Lightworkers & or conscious dark souls posing as Lightworkers … who join Lightworker groups/networks of various kinds that have been succeeding in various types of planetary liberation operations.

Hence this article … To help Lightworkers carry out their soul based duty with much more ease & grace, while maintaining their network of loving relationships with comrades & soul family - that are clearly getting massively interfered with by darkness… as part of an overall attempt to de-rail grid work operations & synchronized global meditations… which have decimated darkness in recent years, and to further compound things, have halved the time from now to the Event – not just once, but several times thanks to these huge successes of Lightworkers working together in powerful networks.

The problem gets even more acute, because Lightworkers & Lightwarriors are putting in a lot of their personal time and with VERY limited resources …

… carrying out critical operations across the planet to not only speed up the time to The Event …but to prepare the planet for the shock & impact (in every sense of the word) of The Event Flash, and The Event itself.

This work is either done remotely, or involves physical travel to specific locations where darkness has its physical anchors into this world.

Real risk is involved…

… and those constantly putting their 3D lives on hold & taking real risks traveling to places often heavily fortified by etheric, plasma or other non-physical ‘veil fortification’ technologies … with the regular Archon nest inside serving both as gate-keepers of said power centers, and also using these layers of protection from which to launch operations on Lightworkers … deserve special honor.

Special honor also goes to those Lightworkers who’ve chosen to brave the stifling matrix energies (by holding a full-time job) to help fund and organize such operations. Thus … making them HAPPEN.

True Movers-And-Shakers indeed! 

The work itself consists of things like planting specific crystals to amplify free will or cintamani stones to open Light Portals after the mass-intense clearing of all etheric occupants & Veil fortification technologies & replacing them with Angels & Goddesses (in most cases)… and re-purposing such structures & organizations from their original dark intent so that they will now anchor only Light… (and I won’t give out any further details than that).

Generally … the more impactful the success of a particular operation is going to be … the more difficult it is. Experienced gridworkers have learned this tough lesson over time.

The attacks/obstacles, as well as reprisals are not just from the non-physical, they’re also from the physical through things like scalar tech interference. These operations are not fun … and as you know, their current MO (Modus Operandi) is to massively attack relationships that put these operations together.

Conferences themselves, (the most impactful ones, that is) are also operations. Even Lightworkers/Warriors like Cobra and Corey Goode and David Wilcock are not immune to horrible attacks of a very nasty kind, prior to holding conferences where they releass sensitive & critical information that also accelerate planetary liberation. This, despite their direct links to (and thus support from) high level advanced beings such as the Pleiadians, the Anshar & the Resistance Movement.

Part I

The Operational Protocols for protecting relationships … networks & operations for a much smoother ride … thus maintain the momentum for The Event.

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I’ve decided to keep these protocols very short, and very few. That way they’re more likely to be remembered, and therefore applied. If just these three things are practiced … it’s enough.

It’s enough to stop disagreements … clashing paradigms … and different trainings that are all there to complement each other …not to compete, let alone collide ( … thanks to darkness) with the trainings of other Lightworkers.

“We each came here to be in this lifetime for the purpose of contributing our specific skills to help the planetary liberation. We all have a part to play…”

Athena: Energy Practitioner/Healer & Lightworker

As a matter of fact … these operational protocols are a kind of cardinal rule for all Lightworkers involved in operations.

“… genius, resides in simplicity”

Albert Einstein…

It will act like a glue, to keep a team together, united … and the resulting harmony will allow for a more joyous experience.

This is because it allows for the honoring of …

  1. differences in how we are built. Namely, how our individual energy systems are built, and what they’re built for.
  2. The recognition, honoring and respect of those purposes … and these purposes will be different for different Lightworkers… The best examples being Goddessy types whose job it is to simply channel Goddess energy through their fields & into this world without even thinking about it … and Lightwarrior types who are designed for being sent into rather nasty places, where risk to life, including loss of life … has occurred. While others of us are the power-brokers behind the scenes … the bureaucratic type energy systems … constantly liaising, organizing, and sending out the right people with the right abilities to do the work.
  3. the understanding and respect for different soul purposes between Lightworkers, all of which complement each other within operations, and create powerful synergy when working in harmony.
  4. The fundamental awareness, understanding and adherence to …that some guidance received by each individual Lightworker …is guidance intended only for them … because of their individual soul character … soul purpose … how & what their energy system is built for, inherent within ‘talents’ and abilities.

It’s this last point that experience has shown most Lightworkers are either not aware of, or not applying… therefore, not honoring.

This has resulted in the very naïve, damaging & costly ‘one-size-fits-all’ cult-programming mentality that all we have to do is “… just focus on spreading Goddess-Light”, from just simple focus or meditations!

Well … you might be built for that purpose only, hence … that’s YOUR guidance… Not others’.

This low-consciousness (and disrespectful) mentality has been exploited by darkness as a very deliberate, powerful yet subtle tactic through compromised Lightworkers or dark beings posing as such … to undermine the aggressive mass-transmutation & liberation of critical power centers that are usually HEAVILY fortified dens.  

More on that, in a moment…


Recognizing & Honoring The Differences of What Each of us Are Energetically Built For & Here To Do, During Operations ... Which May Be Unfamiliar To You

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In short, this 1st Protocol is centered around:

Recognizing …Honoring …and Loving our uniqueness and differences … as much as our Oneness and Equality.


If you’re receiving guidance to only focus on the Light, and nothing else, then that’s for YOU to do ... that’s your purpose ... that’s what you’re built for and why you’re here.

… it doesn't mean that is the same guidance given to all other Lightworkers. So it’s imperative you honor and respect that fact. Some Lightworkers, especially with the example of Lightwarriors, are receiving guidance to go to the deepest darkest places (both physical & non-physical) and transmute them back to the light.

That is THEIR guidance … because that’s THEIR purpose, that’s what THEY’RE built for and why THEY’RE here for.

And hey … someone has to do the dirty work… (mass transmutation in not-so safe places).

Show respect & honor them as well… because they’re the ones making sure the path is cleared for Goddess to spread her light everywhere…. Especially at places that make the biggest difference.

… So, it’s important not to impose your guidance that’s specifically for you; guidance that’s based on what you’re here for & built for, onto other lightworkers. It’s not only low consciousness … but is undermining the synergy between Lightworkers, promotes division & disharmony … and risks delaying The Event & full preparedness for a smooth transition when the Event Flash hits.

This is not a game … because rest-assured, you’re going to find that the world is not so full of “love & light” if a certain critical mass of clearing is not achieved by the time the Event Flash arrives.

So be sure not to be the one that literally calls up fellow Lightworkers (… this is a literal personal experience) after they’ve exhausted themselves from a hard (and successful) campaign somewhere in the world … trying to convince them that “… you don’t need to do that kind of clearing work … just focus on “Goddess Light” …”

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Straight after this phone call ended, my partner literally started coughing up entities for a good 5 mins, (physical coughing) … and the energies went noticeably south at the same time.

So in this personal – real world example … that’s when our suspicions were confirmed, and we knew we had a negative conduit in our network. We then intuitively traced back to the time one of us received a physical gift from that same conduit and old health problems started to re-surface there-after.

That actual incident is also an example of the ‘love-light’ cult-mentality darkness is applying through dark beings or compromised Lightworkers... to undermine clearing work. This is not only highly disrespectful to veteran Lightworkers & Lightwarriors … but it is also fundamentally naïve … dishonors the purpose of others & what they’re built for, and thus what they’re here to do …

… and it also opens up energetic conduits for darkness to start infecting a network, thus eventually ruining Lightworkers relationships once the infection takes hold.

So if you’ve been noticing a continual breakdown of relationships within your network, where once not-too-long ago things were joyous & uplifting when interacting with each other … then this has mostly likely happened and darkness has entered your network through such naïve & disrespectful “guidance” and actions.

It gets worse .. as such an action exposes the individual behind it as compromised & manipulated by darkness because what else would darkness be trying to do other than try to stop & or at least undermine Lightworkers through verbal persuasion. And...

… from carrying out such tasks based on intuitive information specifically received only by them, because it’s intended only for them, because of what they’re built for.

Especially when such “guidance” is being communicated to Lightworkers who just completed critical operations required for the proper sequencing of liberation milestones to eventually liberate the planet.

Important Tip:

If you’re planning out an operation … and one of your team members is getting guidance that you’re not getting… it’s quite ok to say:

“…I can’t say I’m getting the same guidance, but I respect your guidance & purpose, and I will try to help you with it if I can, either through funding contributions, or helping with contacts at the location, or simply through giving you full energetic and loving support for your mission… "

... and both of you to verbally, openly acknowledge that. Then simply try to allow or agree for that person to follow their guidance.

This powerful tip might not work 100% of the time. But realize that differences come up in every organization where people have to work together to accomplish big goals … whether it’s a 3D matrix corporation … or a fundraiser … or a non-profit.

The above phase simply opens up a timeline for a harmonious solution, because it begins with Protocol #1: “… Not imposing your guidance or perspective that may be specifically for you only, onto others whose guidance may be different because of what THEY’RE here for and thus … what THEY’RE built for.

This includes specific last minute intuitive information that often does come to a Lightworker or Gridworker on a need-to-know-basis … in the middle of operations. Very similar to how secret service agents have to operate in the alphabet soup agencies.

Part II


Use The 10 Indicators of a Compromised Lightworker… to Quickly Shut Down Conduits of Infection in Your Network, Thus Preventing Relationship Breakdowns & Risks to Operations.

The following cardinal Indicators have been gleaned from not only years of experience in putting together & executing often difficult & intense yet successful operations with a team/network … but are also based on the 3D professional experience of at least one comrade who not only witnessed the same things I have with… but who are also well trained - at the 3D level - in the field of psychology.

… Quite literally, this person graduated Magna Cum Laude (with honors) from a prestigious University & studied with the most renowned psychologists & researchers in the field.

This means they studied & had to memorize reams of books on human behavior & the clinical observation of “abnormal” human psychology, and how to recognize it. Ranging from PTSD and the traits of traumatized individuals, the behavioral traits of psychopaths … and knowing how to recognize the dysfunctional behavior displayed by these people as a result. And just as important … recognizing how these people’s behavior affects others around them.  

So with the clinical qualifiers out of the way, and the assurance that you’re not wasting your time listening to opinion or perceiving nothing more than a “personality clash” (… as if we have time for that) … here’s the 10 cardinal indicators that you have a damaged, compromised or dark individual in your network, (and what to do about it) so you will therefore be able to take appropriate measures … before things get out of hand and you see the sad consequences of all this – plus the threat of slowing down planetary liberation … which is Darkness’s goal.

The 9 Indicators of a Dark Or Compromised Member in Your Network

If two or more of the indicators below are consistent with the behavior of one of your team/group members, or part of your network ... simply follow the steps further down. These indicators don't really apply to blatant or overt negative conduits, (people acting angry, regular dysfunctionality others complain about, etc) ... as they are easy to spot & deal with.

It's the silent, more sophisticated and often 'bright' ones that are hard to spot, all the while they're gradually infecting your loving connections ... and the fun just disappears.

Indicator #1: No Actual Contribution…

They don’t actually contribute anything unique … original … or fundamentally constructive,  most notably in person, but also in team chat-groups. This may require you to pause, and reflect back on people’s constant comments to realize this. This is one indicator that they’re either compromised, or a negative being.

Indicator #2: Constant Appraisal Of Others…

They obsessively & consistently complement others at every turn, in chat groups. This is done to win the favor, approval & trust in your network. It often involves cording, which risks making you see this as nothing more than the compromised individual just being sweet & nice.

Indicator #3: Noticeably Little Or No Vetting & Details About Their Operations…

They obsessively & constantly post things they’ve accomplished (or claim to accomplish) … either by themselves or by others outside your group whom you and your network don’t know … with a noticeable yet consistent absence of any details about their “operations”. These ‘accomplishments’ may or may not have taken place … as no one in your group can vet whether the operation actually occurred, because it’s always done by “their contacts” they conveniently have all over the country or world. A very popular person indeed…

You may have noticed that team members you do know … often give a verbal or written report and get into serious details about what they went through to succeed, with all facets of the operation. These team members you know are the real-deal… and contribute to the liberation process in a more impactful manner.

Indicator #4: Stop For A Moment … Look Back & Take a ‘Timeline Note’…

When interactions & your over-all experience with your network has noticeably gone south … take 5 minutes and reflect back on when it started to happen … then back-track as much as two months back, and re-call who entered your network during this period. And jot down a short list of these individuals for now.

Indicator #5: They Often Appear Bright & Clear, Using the ‘Black Hole’ Effect…
Years of experience & harsh lessons have taught us something called - the Black Hole Phenomenon. This is where a person who ‘enters the scene’ … looks and feels just fine, even wonderful, but upon some quick reflection … you realize things started going south around you (and them) not long after they arrived in your network. The fundamental every Lightworker needs to be fully aware of is:

… the darkness that works through a wounded, and therefore compromised individual, let alone through dark souls consciously posing as Lightworkers … often does so by them energetically disguising themselves (or let’s conservatively say … acting) like someone really nice, in every sense.

Now you can notice the giveaway by noticing what happens around them, (hence the name - Black Hole Phenomenon ... because you can’t see the darkness in the individual in the same way you can’t see a black hole. They appear perfectly bright & nice & all “Love & Light”) … but like with black holes, you’ll notice things around them going south … Namely, with the people and relationships in your network.

If things have steadily gone south in your network shortly after this person appeared on the scene, you can find practical & safe steps for taking empowered action that will save your relationships & network from disheartening infighting and prevent good & powerful people from ‘quietly leaving & disappearing into the background”  - costing you & your network needed talents and abilities that synergize with the talents of others – listed below.

Indicator #6: They Appear So ‘Giving’…

They ‘altruistically’ and even aggressively give out physical gifts such as stones … crystals … beads or other jewelry to people in your network for “protection” or to help with their spiritual evolution.

If this has happened … let alone if you yourself have received such ‘gifts’, but you notice life is not getting any better and no new empowering consciousness insights have occurred in your personal evolution, let alone if you’re noticing others in your network who’ve received such gifts are seemingly under constant & massive attack - that they can’t handle all of a sudden  … the way they always could in the past …

... to a point where they even need someone to be with them physically always in order to feel safe … then this is a strong indicator they’ve received such physical gifts from a negative conduit member in your network.

Such gifts are more often than not … contaminated … and have a curse or a portal inside that either attacks the recipient (often your loved one, partner or friend) or is designed to take down their personal aura & other forms of personal protection, so they lose their ability to cope with the intense energies of compression breakthrough the way they used to. Thus, you suffer as well … indirectly. If you notice people in your network who are not able to recover from attacks like they could in the past, and it’s just ongoing … quickly ask them if they received a physical gift from someone, as much as 12 months ago.

Indicator #7: It’s All Love & Light …

These people place heavy emphasis on “Goddess Light” … “Love & Light” … only, and often make basic, Metaphysics-101 statements we all learned 10-15 or even 30 years ago… with a noticeable absence of any new, empowering revelations or insights that actually empower your network/group.

Thus, their energetic effect on the group tends to be dense, as uninspiring statements that everyone learned long ago from their ‘law of attraction’ days … often are. This helps accrete negative energy into your group, which is the conscious or unconscious intent of the compromised/or dark individual.

Such comments also upset the veteran, grizzled Lightworkers & Lightwarriors in your network who’ve proven themselves in the field in often risky places & overcome great adversity, due to horrible experiences they’ve sustained from negative attacks before … during … and after successful operations. 

Thus more negative energy is accreted into your network, making your beloved comrades more vulnerable to negative infestation/ and attacks on relationships.

Indicator #8: Repeating Everyone Else, With No Empowering Originality For Your Group …

They seem to constantly parrot other things people say … with common responses like: “… yes, me too” or “… oh wow, I saw that too” or “…I was just about to say that”, in a consistent manner. Thus, once again … not contributing anything to the group, but instead performing the age old act of darkness, which is energy vampirism through constant attention-getting in a frivolous manner… and contributing only dense energy because of not providing actual original thought … insight … or anything empowering for your network.

Indicator #9: Friends That You Had Amazing, Memorable Experiences With & Loved So Much, Disappear Out of Your Life … and/or, Go Quiet In Network Chat Groups... and/or, Get Into Arguments With You Or Others in Your Network, With Increasing Regularity.

That subtitle says it all … and it is a sad, needless, yet inevitable result of negative conduits (compromised or dark individuals that got in, often well after your network has been formed & was succeeding) … not being recognized within the group, and removed or shut down by the group in a consensus/planned way.

Indicator #10: Constant Hold-Ups or Delays in Tasks Being Carried Out During Operations.

Now this indicator can be caused directly from non-physical darkness. But generally this has, in our personal experience … been fixed by doing a energy clearing session for an operation. Many times it’s not. It’s through a compromised or dark team member. So if you have been having regular occurrences of delays or hold-ups of any kind, and it’s happening consistently, you may have a negative conduit (person) in your network.

Remember, this was all discussed … assessed … and analyzed with an equally experienced in-the-trenches gridworker who graduated with honors in Psychology, who witnessed all the same things I did… in the real-world environment & context of a Lightworker/Gridworkers Group with all it’s 3D & energetic innuendoes.

One of the most documented facts in psychology is ... psychopaths, let alone damaged people ... do a brilliant job of looking completely the opposite of what they are. That's why The Black Hole phenomena in Indicator #5 is critical for you to apply.

Protocol #3

Clear A Mission Before It Begins

The only other protocol I would add, is to clear a mission before it begins, and in some cases, before its crescendo as well.

This generally isn’t necessary with tachyonized stone/crystal planting in easily or publicly accessible places, just the hard to get-to places, and certainly for major vortexes & big natural or man-made power-centers, which can sometimes be either hard to get to … or just ‘dicey’ if they need a full energy clearing session at the location.

If you don’t know a good energy practitioner that has some sort of track record with this, here’s a resource for clearing projects that’s produced great results in the past.

There you go … it’s just 3 protocols to follow … with the handy 9 Indicators always at your disposal so you can easily and successfully use Protocol #2.

Yes ... I’m sure you can think of more protocols you may want to add for your network … but it’s best to stick to as few as possible, so that they’re easier to follow, not to mention actually followed by your team.

These are the core – necessary – universal protocols that are enough on their own … to save your network … to protect it … and maintain those beautiful & loving connections with dear friends you never want to lose if the wrong person gets in, which can happen if you’re not careful.


So if things have gone south in your personal network that was making great headway with planetary liberation operations in the past 2-4 years … and a member came in later who matches two or more of the above Indicators …

… for the sake of planetary liberation, for the sake of beloved comrades you’ve trusted in the past – and your relationships with them - please take action by copying and pasting some of the comments made by these newcomers (and or recording the actions that these people have consistently displayed…) underneath two or more of the above indicators & protocols (which you’ll want to paste in the same word doc/draft email) …

… and send it off to just two team members who you have always relied upon & who always ‘delivered the goods’ in the past, consistently (… vetted, with your personal experience), and start building a consensus & agreement on what to do.

You have the tools & guidelines now …

Save your relationships.

Make The Event happen.


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