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"The Transformation Bell Curve" - One Who Knows - 6.21.17

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Implementation And Transformation

This is a breakdown of what to expect when implementing the God Power Philosophy of changing your reality by changing your Meanings. Of course the core of the God Power Philosophy is changing the Meanings of situations to improve their Reality. First, let's get a clear understanding of what it Means to experience a Transformation which can be explained by the life cycle of a Butterfly.

The Butterfly first starts out as a Caterpillar. In this early stage of life, the Caterpillar has a limited perspective as it crawls from place to place eating leaves. Of course it has no idea what it is missing or what kind of Life it will soon have.

Once the Caterpillar Transforms into a Butterfly, life is quite different. The Butterfly is able to fly high above any and all problems, and see the World from as much higher and broader perspective. You might call this a Higher Consciousness point of view, seeing the Trees as well as the Forest. The Butterfly spends its days fluttering between Beautiful Flowers and feasting on tasty nectar.

Your Transformation follows a similar path. In the beginning, life is difficult and obstacles seem insurmountable. While it seems like you Know everything that you need to know, your perspective and level of consciousness are quite limited in the big picture.

However, after you have experienced your personal Transformation into a new and better life, You wonder why you waited so long to get to this place of utter joy and pure bliss. As you look around your World, you see the perfection in everything. Your Higher Consciousness allows you to soar high above problems and obstacles and see the "Bigger Picture." Food tastes Better, people are nicer, money and love come easily. Life BECOMES "Effortless" and fun.

The Hallmark of Transformation is that:

"It is An Irreversible & Permanent Change"

These changes which lead to your Transformation follow the standard Bell Curve that we have all heard about. Looking at the Illustration, Going from left to right, is the Length of Time from the time you first read this Book until the time when your Transformation is complete.

At first, you will begin to notice small situations and events changing almost automatically just because of your new understanding. This is the very Beginning stages of your Transformation. You will change a few Meanings and notice that "It is Working Out!" Of course this leads to more and more Meaning Changes, with more and more improvement in your Reality.

Eventually, you will reach the top of the curve where you are aware of, and consciously changing more Meanings than you will ever have to change again in your life. During this time, you are experiencing so many great results and favorable events and circumstances manifesting into your life.

However, after you pass the peak of your Meaning changes, (The Middle of the Curve) you will be changing fewer and fewer Meanings. This is because you are experiencing fewer and fewer events and circumstances that need to have their Meanings changed. More and more things are working out already by themselves without the need for a change in Meaning. These are the final stages of your Transformation.

Soon, there will come a time when EVERYTHING is already and automatically working out. At this stage of your Transformation, you are incapable of seeing anything as "Going Wrong." Your Transformation is Complete! Congratulations on a Job well done.

Expect To Experience a “Transformation" with this Material.


This explanation of Transformation shows how diligent effort, to keep your point of view to the working out perspective, will actually change your Reality in the long run. Over time, Your reality will begin to start working out on its own. The better it gets the better it gets. Soon, it really is working out all the time.

Importantly, once you have reached the point where it is always (In All Ways) working out for you, you see it as working out, you expect it to work out, and then it does work out. This is "Transformation" where you have successfully "Trained" your reality to work out automatically. It takes effort in the beginning, but once you get to the other side of the curve, it becomes automatic. Once it becomes automatic, you are a Butterfly, NEVER to be a Caterpillar EVER AGAIN. It is actually impossible.


May You Transform Into A Butterfly, And Never Be A Caterpillar Again

Signed: One Who Knows

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