Friday, June 16, 2017

"Upside Down" - GCR/RV Op-Ed - Thursday - June 15, 2017

Received via email....

What if the sky suddenly became sea, and the sea suddenly the sky?

The world would appear upside down instantly.

Makes no sense, right?   Right.

Yet, that's the principal behind the revaluation of all world currencies, making the RV to appear as if it is upside down logic.

Meaning, $1.00 USD now appears to be the top or best value in comparison to all other currencies (known as the world's reserve currency).

But what if overnight it suddenly became the lowest?

That would be coconuts.  And on the surface idiotic to even consider.

Kinda like the earth being called flat out of nowhere when we know it's round, or do we?

There was a time when everyone thought the earth was indeed flat, until one day it was proposed that "she was a'round" and everyone just kinda went with it.

That's exactly what happened with world financial system and corresponding individual sovereign currency values post the 1944 Breton Woods Conference.

If you'll recall, after two bloody world wars had destroyed global economic trade, and even collapsed the USD in 1933 (post the Great Depression); the winning side (Allies) decided to make illogically make the USD the top currency of the world (aka global reserve currency).

Suddenly.  Overnight.  Just like that.  Without any above ground hard assets to back such a massive monetary claim.

To accomplish this historic slight of hand fiscal policy, they convinced the Chinese Elders to lend every sovereign nation (in good standing) physical gold and unilaterally reset the global economy as to repair humanity.

Sound familiar?  A win/win/win Global Currency Reset (GCR) backed by sovereign Chinese Elder gold?

So every nation borrowed against this Chinese Elder gold for a fifty year period as to reconstruct their own nations after an incredibly destructive period in human history--there was no other option in fact but the Chinese Elder gold.

They knew this.  And some would say maybe even suckered the Anglo Saxon race into believing they were getting the better of Mongoloid Race, and actually were setting up the planet for a reset 79 years later in this the transition of eras we are experiencing now.

But I digress...

The deal the finally struck required all borrowed Chinese Elder gold would be transferred by the fall of 1946, which also included a five year grace or return period after the initial fifty year lending term ended -- which would be exactly September 10, 2001.

And on the day the current financial system deal terms were scheduled to be retired, and the Elders borrowed gold returned, we got 9/11.

Suddenly.  Overnight.  The cabal decided to keep all gold and drive the world's financial system into an unsustainable debt driven ditch (aka the 2nd Great Depression or 2008 Global Financial Crisis), as to permanently enslave humanity and start World War 3 in the Middle East pitting Christians, against Muslims, against Jews, against Russian Orthodox, against Buddhists.

WW3 didn't happen obviously, not like they had planned anyway.  As we got more of a currency war than a land war, but boy did the cabal sure try to burn the proverbial global economic house down.

So now, miraculously and by the grace of a loving God, we have a new financial system that also runs exclusively on Chinese Elder gold collateral... and get this... already is functioning and has been for nearly two years.

Flawlessly.   Harmoniously.  Quantumly.

This new Asian based digital financial system includes the revaluation of all world currencies to a gold benchmark and has been occurring right before our eyes.

Ironically only a chosen few seem to notice... yes that would be us Zimland

So the old Breton Woods value system; whereby all currencies of the world were equally valued against a common gold benchmark represented by USD--is now determined by the spot price of gold set by the new Chinese Elder Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE)... with all currencies worldwide being equally valued against said gold benchmark once again.

Nothing really changed in the fiscal restaurant except the chef in the back of the kitchen.  Which of course makes all the meals taste different.  Better.  Healthy.

That's not coconuts, folks, that's just flat out reality.  As we come to understand to NPTB are really the OPTB and replacing the CPtB (Cabal Powers That Be) but have yet to publicly announce the GCR switch.

Which is coming we are told in the fall of 2017.

Sadly, we've been forced to accept cabal's fiat version of financial reality ever since the Bretton Woods era some 73 plus years ago.  But soon, their grand paper accounting lie is going to come to publicly come to a crashing end... as it has long ago privately.

Suddenly.   Overnight.  And forever.

Yet few will even notice because this flip of ownership has been done so subtly, so undetectable to the naked eye, that as the bottom became the top, and the top the bottom... no currency values will even appear to change.

Meaning, every sovereign currency in the world (of good international standing) has already been positioned back to its true gold backed value.  And thus any revaluation will actually be a re-instatement of monetary truth.

Translated, the world's financial system will not actually appear upside down... in fact, it won't appear different at all.  But everything about trading values will be completely inverted.

Suddenly.  Overnight.  And permanently.

So I ask again, is the world round or flat?  And better yet, is the USD at the top or bottom of all other currencies of the world based on the hard asset resources of these United States?

Both are fair questions, and both shall be answered soon.  Prepare to be amazed.

God is with us.