Sunday, June 11, 2017

Yosef Update - "WTF" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - June 11, 2017

 "WTF" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - June 11, 2017

We know GESARA kicked in Thursday night / Friday morning everywhere in the world.

How that new compliance element effects final geopolitical puzzle pieces snapping into place is still a mystery.

We had solid Intel that last week that this Friday night into Saturday morning was our "RV date" and thus Saturday June 10, 2017 was the go moment.

So June 10th has now passed, and no go moment came. Yet we had a really form date for this weekend earlier mind you. From the actual table where the documents were signed and handshakes made no less.

Yet here we are Sunday June 11, 2017 and still no performance. WTF!?

However, there were some real signs on both Friday and Saturday nights of final release performance protocols either being tested or implemented then pulled back.

Below is the roll out and timing that occurred on both weekend nights:

6pm All military and security personnel went on operational go alert.

8pm All exchange center staff were called in and told to report before midnight.

10pm All front screen rates appeared locked for a weekend release and administrative authorizations for wire transfers and account holds suddenly vanished.

12am Exchange centers became operational ready.

2am Call centers became operational ready.

And thats where everything just stopped on both nights.

Logical continuation assumptions are as follows:

3-4am 800#s are released during lowest internet traffic time.

4-6am First exchange appointments are scheduled to begin during the lightest transportation traffic patterns.

Since we didn't get the release this weekend as projected, were unsure as to Sunday, but were told in no uncertain terms this was the negotiated release weekend for the RV from Beijing and confirmed in London with Republic sources verification independently.

So we're a lot confused. Something went south.

Qatar? Mosul? Surprise election results in the U.K. ? Trump's resignation stall?

All are possibilities as to why we're in this holding pattern, but with sovereign trading beginning Sunday night @ 8pm, it feels like either they must before that to give everyone a fair start or wait another week until trading ends on Thursdayevening.

Wish there was better news. But that's what I got. Sobeit.

Addendum to Sunday morning's post:

GESARA delays are occurring with the U.K. Prime Minister uncertainty.

Old cabal guard trying to force current PM Theresa May out of office even though she won the election. As a result the nuclear codes and UNSC veto vote is technically still in flux.

May has been bargaining with 10 Northern Ireland votes in British Parliament to keep her administration in majority, and her administration relevant.

So we told given this above situation the Elders pulled back the RV until there's a clear governing pathway.

Also, Netanyahu/Mossad are still straying to start a third world war in the Middle East by isolating and suffocating Qatar--who is both a US and Iran ally.

BiBi lost his amnesty we are told with this one and will be prosecuted on an international stage for 9/11, as will many in the Rockefeller created House of Saud ruling Saudi Arabia as well as the Rothschild created old Hosni Mubarak gang of thieves in Egypt (many have spent considerable time in fail already).

Interesting cabal strategy though. Cook up one last second global conflict that theoretically draws everyone of importance into a world war including Russia and China over one sink little nation in the Middle East.

But war won't happen. Too much to loose at this stage. Peace is now much more profitable and sustainable for far too many to revert to old actions.

Yet those Khazarian scorpions continue to sting until their tragic and sudden death--and even then from the grave... amazing their desire to enslave us or die trying. Sobeit.

Covfefe... we win in the end guys (the lambs), not you (the lions).

We don't yet have a start or restart time or day.

On a side note: Puerto Rico votes on statehood today which would grant them equal voting rights in Congress. The resolution is expected to pass.

That would mean there would need to be 2 more Senators and several more in the House of Representatives. We've heard Alaska will become their own independent nation and leave as a member of the United States permanently.,amp.html

Change is happening all around us. Wise to pay constant attention to the RV now. We never know when it's going. Just why it must.

God is with us.