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Quotes To Enlighten by OWK

Quotes To Enlighten

Often Quotes can deliver more enlightenment in a few words, than entire posts do.  In that regard, I have selected some of my Favorite Quotes from my Teachings for your enjoyment and enlightenment.


"Thinking is the Process of Activating a Thought to self-Energize, grow, and eventually Become Strong Enough To Manifest into form."
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-13-2015

"The penalty for expecting less than what you want, is getting less than you want"
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 6-10-2015

"Everything Happens for a reason, and that reason is that your Meanings elicited it"
Richard Lee McKim Jr.   6-15-2015

"You can't choose the Facts, But You Can Choose The Outcome!"
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-13-2015

In order to be fully actualized you must be in the state of doing what you want.
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 6-15-2015

Pain Doesn't Mean that there is something TO DO, instead, it means that there is something BEING done
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 6-15-2015

Knowing What I Want Means: Getting What I want
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-15-2015

You can't go wrong as long as you always think that you are going right.
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-15-2015

A Meaning Converts/Changes "What Is" into "What Is Wanted"
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-15-2015

You eat and taste the food, but you digest/process the meanings
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-15-2015

You Are Creating Reality - NOT Discovering It

Richard Lee McKim Jr - 3-12-2015 -

Facts are Objective and Do NOT [and CAN NOT,] Create Expectations, Only Meanings Do [Create Expectations].
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 3-29-2015

"Acceptance Maintains, While Decision Creates"
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 3-26-2015 -

"You are always In Charge, But If You Don't Monitor Your Meanings, You Are Not In Control"
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-17-2015

"My Effectiveness Cannot be Measured By What I do Alone"
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 6-13-2015

"All Meanings are Self-Fulfilling/Self-Becoming Prophecies"
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-13-2015

The difference between Criminals and Victims, is one likes what they are manifesting for themselves and the other one does not. 
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  4-19-2015

You don’t have the right, authority, nor the ability to alter someone else's reality.
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-14-2015

Nothing Happens That Wasn't Meant [By Meaning] To Happen/Exist.
Richard Lee McKim Jr.   6-10-2015

"You can't change your Feelings, but you can change the Meanings that are eliciting them"
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 6-10-2015

"Good Things Come To Those Who Are Eliciting Them"
Richard Lee McKim Jr . 7-6-2015

All Solutions are Created, NOT Found/Discovered.
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  4-28-2015

When you set a Meaning, you are telling the Universe how you "Mean" this to turn out.
Richard Lee McKim Jr.

"The main difference between Belief and Meaning, is that Belief is basically a vote of confidence, where as Meaning is a Command to ALL the Universe [to what is To Be]."
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-28-2015

You are always (In All Ways) In the Right Place, At The Right Time, With Everything You Need, to Get Everything You Ever Wanted, and Live the life of Your Dreams.
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 5-4-2015

"If there is not enough energy elicited for the Manifestation, there is not enough Meaning(fullness) for it to Manifest"
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-26-2015

"Where There is a Will, [There is a Meaning, and where there is a Meaning, There ARE Means, and where there are Means,] There is a Way"
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  7-8-2015

You Can't Lose anything by Expecting, you can only gain what you wanted.
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  7-13-2015

"The Universe Only Does What It Is Meant To Do, No More, & No Less"

Richard Lee McKim Jr.  7-10-2015

"If You Mean For Something To Happen, So Does The Universe"
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  7-11-2015

"The Universe ALWAYS Acts on your MEANING (Good/Bad) regardless of the state of the facts."
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 6-6-2015

"Meaning [Is The Only Thing That] Represents, As Well As Dictates, The Future"
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  5-8-2015

"Meaning Is The Place Where The Future Is Stored"
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 5-9-2015

Facts Represent The Present (What Is), While The Meaning Represents/Creates The Future (What Is To Be)
Richard Lee McKim Jr 7-24-2016

"Ask What Anything Means To You, And With That Answer, You Predict, Project, And Create Your Future"
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 5-10-2015

"We DECIDE That It is Working Out, Not Based On The Facts, But In Spite Of Them." (Despite)
Richard Lee McKim Jr  5-15-2015

Where There is A Meaning There Is A Means To Fulfill it.
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 7-25-2016

When It Comes To Manifesting, What is Foolish and Stupid for One Person is Genius and Astute for Another.
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  7-7-2015

Meaning Morphs/Molds The Present Into The Future
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  5-21-2015

Control Means: Freedom
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 6-2-2015

Freedom Means: Control
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 6-2-2015

"You Have To Earn Your Freedom, By Controlling Your Meanings"
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-9-2015

Need is a Declaration of Deficiency
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 7-25-2016

"The More You Don't Want Something, The More Likely It Is That You Will Get It Anyway"

Richard Lee McKim Jr.  7-1-2015

Freedom is doing what you want to do and then Deciding It is Working Out.
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  7-4-2015

You can fail at being someone else, but you can't fail at being you
Richard Lee McKim Jr  7-25-2016

The Only Way To Get To The Perfect Place, Is To Decide That You Are Already There.

Richard Lee McKim Jr. 5-28-2015

Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-22-2015

Since Everything CAN Be TRUE for You, it is up to you to decide WHAT you WANT to be TRUE.
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 6-6-2015

"Meaning Is The Sacred Command, By Which The Entire Universe Was Created"
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 6-5-2015

"When You Say Things That You Don’t Mean, You Get Things You Don’t Want"

Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-9-2015

Always think bigger than your capabilities, for as great as they are, They Pale in comparison to the Capabilities of the Universe.
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  7-10-2015

Meaning Authorizes The Expectations, Which Then Authorizes The Results/Outcome
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 6-18-2015

"What Ever You Practice, You Perfect"
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-29-2015

"You got to get to the place where you feel in control of your life because if you don't you aren't"
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-18-2015

"People rise to the occasion, unless there is no occasion to rise to" 
Richard Lee McKim Jr. 6-20-2015

If you don’t go for what you want, what will you go for?
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  6-20-2015

If You Limit What You Want, You Limit What You Get

Richard Lee McKim 6-21-2015

There is No Limit on How Immense a Thought Can Be, And There Is No Thought That Can't Manifest Itself.
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  7-13-2015

"Every situation has the possibility of working out or not working out.  Your job is to always (In All Ways) choose Working Out."
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  7-19-2015

There is a big Difference between Wanting something now, and Expecting to get something now.
Richard Lee McKim Jr.  7-23-2015


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows / Richard Lee McKim Jr. / Star Fyer

"No one stands as strong as one who stands in truth, and no one stands as weak, as one who stands in deception"
- Richard Lee McKim Jr. 7-15-2017

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