Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Secret Space Program Update: Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate Structure and Shareholder Companies

In the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate Structure and Shareholder Companies I describe what it was like to be an ICC asset on the Mars Bases and Orbital Space Station Platforms.

I reference how the SSP, ICC, and Military Industrial Complex used Wernher Von Braun’s work to build the ICC Mars Orbital Space Station Platforms and how Braun planned the first Mars Missions.

I provide a list of the contractors and shareholder companies that do outsourcing work for the ICC. 


Ileana: Corporate Off-world Slave Trade, Interplanetary Human Trafficking, ET Contacts

Corporate Off-world Slave Trade, Interplanetary Human Trafficking, ET Contacts and Empathic Healing

Headlines stemming from recent disclosure by former CIA case officer, Robert David Steele on the Alex Jones show that "...a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on A 20-YEAR RIDE."

NASA, provoked by the remarks, has released an "official" disclaimer of any such venture, stating there are only rovers on Mars. Meet Ileana, a participant and discloser of projects under the umbrella of the SSP/ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate), a joint venture of major earth corporations including Boeing, Merck, Monsanto, and other tech and industrial concerns, who finance and deploy active human assets onto bases of Mars, as well as operations on the Moon and other worlds.

She discusses early childhood ET contacts, her heritage as a being from a galactic civilization; her early abductions by reptilians; being taken into underground bases near Rostock, Ukraine; the experiments she underwent, infected with 36,000 nanobots that localized in her uterus, later corrected by surgical hysterectomy.

Her project participation in SSP/ICC beginning at age 15.

The corporate structure of ICC: long list of cabal corporations: Boeing, Merck, Monsanto….all involved in ICC; offplanet ICC: bases on Mars, several bases on Moon; 11 identified bases on Mars.

Describes the offworld bases, facilities, work schedules.

Testing, waterboarding, drugs used to enhance abilities; intensive pain conditioning.

How time works with involvement with ICC programs: 60 years; time jumping/quantum leap technology; age regression and overlapping time lines with “real world”. Connections between contactees/abductees/star seeds with special access projects.

Her work with past life regression and soul retrieval, holistic and naturopathic healing modalities in her work of healing. We also discuss pre-life profiling/soul tracking and identifying subjects utilizing technology held by the covert corporate-military conglomerates. Memory recall, perfect memory, sensory details in early life trauma events.