Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"Silence" - GCR/RV/GEOPOLITICAL OVERVIEW - Wednesday - July 5, 2017

Received via email from Yosef......

Everything is building and building towards this weekends G20 as a back wall for the RV.

The entire country of North Korea is being used by remaining cabal Zionist generals as a human civilian shield.

They are threatening mass causalities and unstoppable mass immigration across the boarders of South Korea, China and Russia.

It's the only "nuclear" threat they believe have left, yet we are told it's not even a legitimate weapons threat.

But the mass immigration sure is.

And all that takes one scary state run media story and they will have tens of millions of North Koreans running & screaming for the exits.

What they are negotiation for was a bit of a mystery, as going back to the way things used to be financially and diplomatically  simply do not exist.

So what do they want?  Money?  Status?  Amnesty?  A bigger seat at the new table?  What?

Well, we hear all they want is credit.   Yup, credit for enslaving the world for 13 millennia in all disclosure materials.

They want to be remembered as humanity's genetic creators and galactic oppressors.  That's it.  Credit.

Otherwise, the global domination group known as the cabal will fade into oblivion, after generations and generations of their families lived and died for Zionism, only to be expunged from human record keeping as if their grand deception never even existed.

And get this ... it's not happening.  They are getting nothing.  No money, no status, no seat at the table, and no credit.


The cabal is already disappearing from human records and thus consciousness quicker than you might imagine.

The energy.  The memories.  The horror.  Just removed by benevolent caretakers quietly behind the scenes.

This is because they kept all real human history hidden inside their own secrete societies.  So removing them from the future is much easier than one might expect.

Out of sight,  out of mind.

So to defeat the cabal is also not to acknowledge the cabal and exterminate their dark history forever in this era of light on restored planet earth.

Ask yourself this... if you can't Google it in the future, did it ever really exist?

The GCR/RV and your currencies bonanza?  If there's no record of it happening, no enduring historical presence, did it ever even to appear as have happened?

And then could you prove it happened to you?  That you lived though the war and participated heroically?

No one rational would ever believe the number of zeros in your bank accounts, and the bank would never openly discuss such things without a top down approval -- that's never coming.

So did the blessing happen?   Or do each of us have to live out our remaining days knowing we experienced the greatest transfer of wealth in human history in utter personal silence?

Centuries of wars, genetic modifications, pedophila, corruption, drugs, theft, murders, false flags, mind controlled media and entertain ... wiped clean from the hearts and minds of our species in just one short generational span.

All as if it (they) never existed.

That's how much control the NPTB have over the cabal--total extinction--and why the rag tag minions of the cabal are throwing crumbling stones at alloyed coated tanks.

The cabal is going away forever.  Never to return.  Never to be remembered.  Poof.  Gone.  Erased.  Just like that.

Because they chose to rebel against God, and such a decision never bears enduring fruit.  Ever.  Sobeit.

All is well.

God is with us.